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    Just curious.......who holds the Treo with one hand and types with one finger of the other hand, and who holds their Treo with both hands and types with their thumbs?

    I seem to switch back and forth between both methods for no real good reason. I do believe that I am faster with the two hands/thumbs method, and will get even faster as my fingers "learn" where all the Option keys are.

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    I typically one-finger if I'm doing a phone lookup, Hold with one hand and use the same thumb for running the phone using the keyboard (like when checking VM while driving...), and double-thumb everything else.

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    I'm a "Two-fer" ......two Big Macs for $2.00 ;>)
    Up the Creek.... Try the River!

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    Definitely a two hand (actually two-thumbs) typer - I like PowerJog but I rarely make calls in the car so I dont really need to one-handedness.

    I wnat to do a show down with a Graffiti addict to prove that the keyboard is waaay faster. I have typed some pretty long documents on the keyboard without fatigue. It sure beats carrying around a big extra keyboard.

    I wish Logitech would make their wraparound case/keyboard for Treo - that would be cool -
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    test your speed with WPM, and post your speed somewhere on the boards. Maybe we can set up some kind of contest. I'm pretty sure you can find WPM on PalmGear...


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