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    the speaker (treo lid) on my treo stopped working about 10 days ago and handspring sent an immediate replacement.

    ive been using the replacement model for 7 days now and i've now encountered the same problem again!

    handspring once again is sending an immediate replacement.

    is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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    Have you been using the hands free earbud?

    I thought that I had the same problem a few nights ago, but realized that the treo just thought that the earbud was still plugged in. I'm not sure why it does this, or exactly how to get it to realize that the earbud is no longer inserted, but after the next time I used the phone with the earbud, the speaker was working again.

    Hope that helps.

    Maybe try blowing sharply in the earbud port?
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    The exact same thing happened to my speaker on the flip lid. It stopped working all of a sudden. That makes 2 of us, I wonder how common this problem is? Handspring sent out a replacement overnight shipping, and I didn't have to pay the normal 25 bucks. I get a feeling there are more treo users out there that have defective flip lid problems, but just don't frequent the forums like this one and post problems.

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