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    I want a Treo, but I have heard that the 180 is difficult to see in the dark or less than optimal light. I have the same issue with my Visor Platinum. Do other users have this problem? When will the 270 be available?
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    I've found that like the visor pro, the screen is kind of hard to see in low light. With adequate light it's fine, and in total darkness it's fine. The backlight is much brighter than on any other palm device I've seen (color screens excluded, of course) and because of this I think the treo's screen is a big impovement over the Visor Pro, which I used before with the visorphone.

    I have noticed that if I'm in a low light situation and I'm trying to see the screen with the backlight on, if I change my viewing angle slightly it helps a lot.

    Overall, I'd say the low-light screen problem is pretty minor.


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