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    What do you wish will happen at the 2010 Palm CES conference?

    For me: Pre Plus on AT&T
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    I would definitely like to see video recording, a quicken app and NFS to become reality.
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    How about a more Palm OS type calendar? That's pretty basic and simple, I'd think.
    I'm a mom that has to track a family of 4 and all of their activities. Google's calendar isn't cutting it. Outlook, Datebk and Agendus are too much. There have to be more "family managers" out here needing a good organizer.
    I looked at the I-phone and BB, and wasn't impressed. I loved my old treo 650; my current centro's okay. Please Palm and Google, bridge the gap between the old palm OS and Google calendar!
    We are on Verizon and are looking forward to the Pre but I am not sure what I'll do about the calendar, it seems pretty weak. Isn't developing organizing and productivity programs how Palm got it's name? Am I missing something?
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    What I would like to see:

    Camcorder app

    Web OS 2.0 Preview - soft keyboard, Web OS Speed improvements, gpu enabled, flash 10.1 beta, faster and better Calendar, faster and better email app, addition of optional widgets, voice dialing, voice search (if you haven't demoed it on the droid you are missing out, its a pretty nice feature, you could just say open facebook and it would pop up the facebook app), improved music and video apps, better selection implementation for copy and paste, ability to run web based office 2010 or java based open office to do documents on the go, and a improved google maps application.

    Pre 2.0 or Treo Device - 4.3 inch screen (with a high resolution, something that could last a while till Web OS 3.0), keyboard, 16gb and 32gb flavors, or a combination of flash memory and micro sdhc, get rid of the usb port cover, fm radio, and wireless n.

    Just some of the things I could think of, definitely on my wish list. I think I am reaching too high though.
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    Wish-wise there's a lot i'd like to see, realistically im looking forward to flash and GPU access

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