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    Several times, I have answered an incoming call using the headset button, only to have the call come through on the handset. I hear nothing on the headset. I have to scramble to open the Treo's lid to be able to talk to the other party.

    The Treo clearly recognizes the headset's presence, first because it takes the call based on the headset-button-press in the first place, and second because the phone screen does not offer a speakerphone option. (I don't really see why the speakerphone should be disabled just because the headset is plugged in, but that does seem to be the consistent behavior.)

    Have others experienced this? As I say, it's intermittent--I think it has happened on 3 out of about 8 incoming calls that I answered using the headset button. But that's enough to make me very wary of answering the phone that way...

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    Yup, it's happening to me. I found two things that seemed to help. One was to hold the headset button down for a second or more, rather than just press it quickyl. The other thing was to make a call say to my voicemail system to make sure the headset was working, each time I plug it in. I have discovered that on occassions, with the headset button plugged in and calling out, the headset is not activated and voice comes through the lid instead. On such occassions, I need to replug the headset in and try again. Don't know whether it's software or hardware.

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