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    Originally posted by Felipe

    was one of those question about resolution?
    Yes, also screen size.

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    You guys are missing the fact that this is a palm, not just a cell phone. Simply disconnecting the battery to swap in a new one would probably lose all your data. Of course this could be remedied with a simple capacitor.

    Maybe some 3rd party will make a replacement back with a removable battery door and whatever else is needed.

    You can also see in the pictures the tiny vibration wonder I am always missing calls.
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    Originally posted by jwardell
    ... Simply disconnecting the battery to swap in a new one would probably lose all your data....
    I thought the fixed that in the year of the Artist Formerly Known As Prince (circa 1999 or so)....

    But then again, maybe I am just quick when I swap the batteries out of my Visor.

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    Thanks for the pictures. They are great!

    Question: Are you going to try to find another source for the battery, and also how hard was the cover removal?

    I just received my automobile charger and realized that IT can be used for an external charger. All one needs is a 12 V battery or a 12 V battery pack.

    Of course non of this will replace an easily replacable battery!


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    Something is going to have to change before I jump on board ... this is disheartening to hear that the battery will not make it a day. (How many working hours?) Frankly I'm peeved at my battery life in my Prism and barely able to handle a full day in my cell phone. (but at least I carry spare and will only be down 30 seconds!) This could be a Treo downfall unless an 'instant' recharge pack is soon available ... but then you're back to carrying too devices again???

    Why they didn't make the battery external is beyond me. Looks to be a major shortcoming.

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    You may want to pick up one of these instead:

    Photo Attached

    It's an AC to DC converter, basically it plugs into a standard wall outlet, then you can plug the car charger into it. Cuts down on the stuff you have to carry around, I've been using one for a while and it works pretty well.

    While the battery life is a disappointment, I'm used to carrying around extra batteries, chargers, etc. so it's not a deathblow by any means. But it is a truely STUPID design flaw, makes you wonder if the designers really USE a cell phone.

    Anyone located a source for the bottom connector yet?

    Also, has anyone tried charging the battery from the USB connector?

    The power source is there so it should work. I used to have a USB to Motorola star tac charger that worked that way. I think it was made by APC or Targus.
    The StarTacs use a similar battery (3.7 volt LiOn) and Moto makes the charger so I'd assume it's possible.
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    I have my Treo about three weeks now and I get at least 50 hours of standby but I have seen it go to about 65 if I was not using much data calling.
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    Hello all,

    i found interesting informaton about WISMO3 chip (WISMO Pac as it called on manufacturers web-site):

    - Makes wireless internet easy and practical
    - Completely integrated GSM/GPRS in a single component
    - Compact size fits in smaller applications
    - Can be positioned automatically, enabling cost-effective large-scale production runs


    Sound very hopeful for those who have GSM networks with GPRS support in their locations. I am quite impatient for the GPRS patch from the Handspring to enable this future. Here in Moscow both main cellular operators already have GPRS support in their networks. But the worst thing is that there is no information about official delivery of Treo's to Russia


    PalmQ Online - Latest Palm OS news in Russian
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    Thanks for all the good scoop! Question: what advantage does the Belden adapter that you mentioned have over just carrying around your charger that comes with the Treo?

    Thanks again,

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    Here's my deal in Spain:

    Got the treo (bought trought Ebay).
    Got very good GSM coverage with GPRS right now from Telefonica.
    No treo GPRS patch.
    Handspring should release this patch as soon as posible. GPRS in Europe is widely available.
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    I wrote to InstantPower to see if they'd be making one:
    Thank you for your interest in INSTANT POWER.
    We are actually currently developping the Handspring Treo charger - we already had samples at the Cebit show in Hannover last week, but it may take some time before it becomes available. I will notify you again however once it becomes on-line.
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    Sorry this reply took so long, for some reason my ISP's DNS servers have had a hard time finding lately.

    The advantage for me is not having to carry the USB/Charger cable around. I alway have the treo car charger with me, but don't want to leave the phone in the car to charge overnight. (I live on the road). With the belkin adaptor, I can charge the phone in the hotel room and cut down on the cord count. Still thinking about charging from the USB port, gonna have to work on that one when I get the time.

    BTW: I missed the "how hard is it to remove the cover" question the first time around. It's easy, took less than a minute and a jewlers screwdriver. The only problem was the slient switch at the top, when I put it back together I forgot to make sure it was set to the same position as when I removed it. So I had to pop it off again and re-attach.
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