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    I finally got my ISP working and played around on Blazer. However, I noticed that the "call" didn't show up in the call log of the phone function, nor does Blazer appear to time the connection or keep a log. Does anyone know any way to keep track of this (or even a function where it tells you how long you have been connected when you're actively connected)? It sure would be helpful in judging minutes used for my Voicestream plan. Thanks!
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    Neophyte, if you go to and set up an online account for "" you can see all your account info including "unbilled" calls. Just look for your ISP number in the list for how many minutes you've used. It's great. I wish it showed your SMS usage as well.
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    Thanks, Sparkle. That will definitely be helpfulIt just seems like an oversight that there's no built-in connection time monitor for the wireless modem.

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