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    Has anyone tried installing the web clipping apps from Palm on their Treo. I get a fatal exception when I try it (after a soft reset is performed). I actually even purchased the MIK from Palm.
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    I use the SureWave Browser from JP Systems (now JP Mobile). It works great. I really like the way you can actually download PQAs from JP Mobile directly in the browser.

    The browser download requires a brief registration at:

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    I find that not all PQA's work with that browser - most notably ESPN's. I'm using the latest one from their site, and I get PQAException: Invalid URL

    That's the main PQA I want to use, as it has box scores, which ESPN's WAP and PocketPC offerings do not. (And Blazer cannot render from the main site.)

    Anyone had any luck with that?
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    I have no problems using my Treo with Palm's web clipping PQAs. You need to download an app that gets into the preferences screen called "Wireless" and set the Proxy to
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    The method in the last post requires a few files from Palm Mobile Internet Kit to work right - you install the files and then enter the IP number to get a back door into I have seen the method posted elsewhere on the web but cannot remember where.

    See this link -
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    Here is an URL of a site that lets you use PQA's although I have not personally tried it yet.

    If you install these files and set the proxy to the Palm.NET server would that route all traffic through the palm server or only when you use PQA's. I wouldnt want to install it if everything was bottlenecked through palm. Also if you installed PQA support would you be able to use AIM 2.0 for the i705? Right now the AIM 1.1 is really buggy and I really want to use the new AIM software.

    If you install the patch can you please post your experience here. I want to try it out but I dont want to mess up my Treo and have to hard reset it.
    Arjun Lall

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