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    Hi there,

    I guess I am really reaching out to the masses on this one. Here is the scenario.

    I'm driving home in my car and want to check office voicemail while sitting at a red light.

    So I click my top button twice fast to get the back light to come on.

    Then I get the Treo to dial somehow.

    Here's where I am having the problem.

    ONCE -- I get into PHONE mode where I click the speaker on ...

    My VM has me hit a * to enter , to put the pin in.

    I can't see the keyboard because of no backlight (definitely have to have that in new versions)...

    So I realized the fix but can't seem to get there.

    While in phone mode, just switch to phone-keypad mode where I would see the * and # on the simulated phone-keypad.

    But -- driving the car with one hand and Treo in the other...

    Is there a quick way to TOGGLE between PHN MODE and PHN-KEYPAD mode ? I know you could do this with the stylist but I can't whip it out while driving (not that I should be using my phone while driving) but the scenario plays out even while not driving.

    The rocker switch only adjusts volume whilst in Phone Mode.

    Looking forward to the replies as I really need help here.

    Thanks !
    Jeff - PHX
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    1) Pressing the phone button multiple times toggles through the phone panels.

    2) Using the "extra digits" feature when setting up the speed dial gives you one back-lit button on screen to push to enter your vm * and password, etc. I just use my finger.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks very much for your advice.

    I added our system access number and then used about 6 (,) commas to make time, then the * and the pin...

    So yes...

    The extra digits feature worked very well.

    Is there any way to toggle or HOT key the extra digits with one hand ?

    Meaning... I can call my office VM...

    When it answers hit something on the phone that will dial the extra digits without having to touch the actual touch-screen ?

    Thanks again !
    Jeff - PHX
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    I have solved all my nighttime/backlight issues with Treo by installing the hack : GlowHack from by Matt Peterson. This excellent piece of freeware (Thanks Matt!) turns on your backlight whenever your Treo (or Visor) is powered on during certain hours.

    I have mine set to 6pm-6am. No need to fumble for the power switch; just open the phone and dial at night.

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    that IS a good one !!!!

    I still need to know if I can move from phone screen to phone screen once my call has started...

    So that way I can get to the phone pad and see digits I might to dial such as an Airline Reservation System.

    BUT -- I WILL -- keep that back light program in mind !!!

    Jeff - PHX )
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    I'm confused - you can just push the phone button to switch between phone "screens" once the call connects - or are you trying to do something else?

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    I think B747400 is trying to do this onehanded...

    Even on an active call, pressing teh PhoneBook button cycless thru the PhoneBook views including the Dial Pad view.

    The other option is to use the super-cool PowerJog for Treo from Hacker Dude San.

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