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    Sorry for the multiple posts - but this was kinda buried in another thread, and it has received good feedback from those who have tried it - so I wanted to make sure no one inadvertantly missed it...

    So here's what I did:

    1) I bought the Brookstone Micro Cell Phone Case that has been discussed elsewhere - and it indeed does work well. The clip is well made and seems to hold securely. See it here:

    2) I realized that if I folded the flap INSIDE the case it makes it fit *even more perfectly* - a little more snug, resists rotation, "stickier" leather surface on the flap holds the treo more firmly than soft lining - but still has soft lining against the screen - assuming you face the screen out as the case was designed - which is also cool because the screen hinge with its treo logo runs right across the top lip of the case so it's tastefully visible.

    3) I *carefully* removed the stitching and adhesive holding the velcro to the front of the case. Even so, a little of the "shiny black polish" came off - but I'll re-polish it and I'm sure it will look ok. Left a little rectangle of stitching holes, but not too tacky and looks better than exposed velcro. If it really worried me I'd make a tasteful label to apply over it.

    The net result - a PERFECT fitting quick-draw leather holster that looks professional, seems to hold securely and only cost $12.50. So if anyone wants my action pak case...

    I'm gonna buy a couple more of these as spares...

    I doubt there will be anything soon specifically for the treo that I like as much. It's THAT good.

    P.S. Don't blame me if you cut or peel the leather off your case when removing the velcro...

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    The only complaint I've heard so far with this case is that it has a metal clip vs. a belt loop or plastic "hook" clip which some other folks like better. Personally, I like the clip that's on there - I put it on in the morning, it stays on all day and ain't comin' off.

    But one suggestion that was made was to mod the case using the leather tab button found at
    I haven't tried this, but have used other button configs from them in the past with good results.

    In fact, I have a button on my treo, at the very top, with the "wings" broken off, turned "across" the back - I use this to hang it on my dash in the car. But I prefer a protective holster vs. just hanging it on my belt by the button - although I did this with my previous TP3000 Quasi-PDA/Phone.

    With the button at the very top of the back of the case, it doesn't interfere with putting it into the "holster". It's all good...
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    I bought my yesterday at Brookstone and no question is the best Holster out there yet.

    Folding back the flap makes it even more better.

    I find the phone very easy to put in and pull out of the holster when the phone ring yet the clip keeps it very sturdy on my pants.

    I owe my new $12 holster for my TReO to you.

    Thanks Paul.

    Jeff - PHX
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    I'm just about ready to click on "buy" for that case at Brookstone but have one question. I like to carry one credit card and my driver's license.....will there be room for those two cards in the case, or a way to customize the case with some sort of carefully cut slit? Thanks in advance.
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    There's room inside the case for those - but no extra pocket or anything, so it will be tight... But the side elastic on the case still has some room to "give" for a couple of cards...


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