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    Some of us have had our xmas morning (recieved our Treo's ). We anxiously awaited the day- ripped open our packages, and played with our new toy all morning long.

    It's a week later. Any regrets? Does the Treo live up to the hype? Wish you had asked for something different under the tree (Samsung? Treo color?)?

    I ordered mine from Amazon and as I wait (forever it seems), I'm finding my enthusiasim is dwindling. I'm seeing more "negative" reviews as trime goes on (or maybe I'm looking for them)....
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    No regrets from me. I don't have as many questions or comments now, because it just works. Very slick. I see the new (and very cool) clie's coming out, and I'm not even envious of them, because the Treo can do more.

    Currently, I am very satisfied because the Treo does as advertised. It's the best phone I have ever had, and I still have all my Palm information available at all times.

    Example: I was talking on the phone without a headset. I needed to find information in the memopad, so I just turned on the speakerphone and continued talking while finding the information. I then used the keyboard to quickly input numbers I got from the call while still talking on the speakerphone. No hassle, no problems. I then needed the calculator, and needed to check availability of my schedule. No problems.

    Later that day, I'm in the grocery store. I've got my Treo/phone on me in case my wife calls wanting more groceries. While I'm shopping, a guy comes up to me looking for an unusual item. The guy only speaks Spanish, and my Spanish needs practice. I open my Spanish-English dictionary on the Treo, translate the word for the item he needs, and help the guy out. Again, no hassle, no problems.

    The tweaking with hacks and other programs which I continue to do is just icing on the "christmas" cake.
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    No second thoughts at all. The first week or so it was strange not having to leave the house with a handful of electronic stuff.

    Here's a couple things I really like:
    - I'm getting super fast with the keyboard
    - The ability to multitask while on the phone is superb
    - It's one device - woo-hoo!

    Here are some complaints and my take on them:
    - Short battery life: As long as you don't live on the phone and you remember to charge it every day, you're good. I haven't gone out on the road (read: business trip) with mine yet so I don't know if it's gonna be a problem but I doubt it.
    - Flip open to phone, lack of apps button etc.: this would be a huge problem if it weren't for the flexibility of the Palm OS which allowed TreoButton to be written within a week or two. TreoButton really makes it work.
    - Data access problems: I haven't signed up for them yet. A lot of the problems people are having is the result of being an early adopter. I'm gonna wait a couple months for everything to get sorted out.

    - My Cingular coverage could be better.

    Minor annoyances:
    - Didn't like the headset. It kept falling out of my ear and was rather quiet. So I bought a Plantronics M143-N1. It totally rocks.
    - Mine has a glitch where the space bar gets triggered if you snap it shut. Handspring is replacing.
    - DateBook4 had problems with Treo's button mapping so I had to get the lateset beta which isn't saving my preferences. But that's DateBook's fault - not Treo.

    I find myself using my PDA a lot more and my Phone a lot more. Better said, I'm using my Treo more often than I was my Visor and Cell Phone combined.

    No regrets at all. I'm much more productive now.

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