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    READ CAREFULLY ! This needs attention from YOU if you are planning to use the TREO to dial an ISP in parts of the western region.

    I finally got Voicestream to admit after many many calls and a critical status problem ticket, that there is a known problem in what appears a large scale portion of the western region, Denver in particular (where I live) of support for the treo (or other dial up devices) for "dial up" across their network. Voice and SMS work fine.

    GPRS enabled devices also work fine, but you are unable to use Treo for dial up which is the only data support for now until GPRS is enabled for the treo. I speculate that this is why treo roll out is slow to some areas, perhaps voicestream knows the problem regions.

    I will be posting a letter to:

    Director of Customer Relations
    (Chris Gorden)
    Fax 505-998-3775

    I would like to see Voicestream step-up and fix the problems rather than avoiding them and trying to push to GPRS devices. I am still entitled to dial up (data) over their network from my plan but am unable to use it based on their problems. I've had a "critical status" ticket opened since Feb 23rd with no update from engineering. The problems really started toward the end of last year and I saw intermitant support for the visorphone (regarding dial up). The problems eventually went solid. Since the Treo I have never connected in this region. (all hardware, ISP, software have been validated and this has been confirmed network problem)

    I would appreciate others posting their validated lack of support in this region. Keep in mind other issues of ISP, hardware etc must be ruled out and resolved first.
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    My dial up went to hell today. I can still connect, but it is incredibly slow. I tried getting that VS ISDN to work, but no dice so far (I get the timeout error).

    Let us know what you find out.
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    I'm near Salt Lake City. My dial-up, through Earthlink, has worked fine since I got the Treo. I connect at 9600. I get my email when I want it. Web pages load faster than when I was using the Visorphone, I think because I'm downloading b/w images instead of color.
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    Yeah I was in Park City over the weekend and dialed up several times without a problem. Maybe it's only Denver?
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    The problem seems to be resolved now in the Denver area as of yesterday. Thanks Voicestream.

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