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    no-one can predict the future....Cnet stick to reviewing....and not guessing what will happen lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phone Diva View Post
    However if they do the Verizon launch correctly, perhaps they won't get bought out, at least not in 2010. Verizon has way more customers to harvest than Sprint. Plus Verizon apparently knows how to advertise, looking at the Droid campaign. If they do a proper Pre campaign, especially since it seems a 2nd version is coming, they might be all set!
    For some reason I don't see Verizon making a big deal out of the Pre. They've hitched their wagon to the Droid(tm), and it's obvious that's where their mindshare is.

    It's entirely possible that they'll have a few ads running, but it wont be the curiosity generator that the Droid campaign is. Then again they might put the Pre in the Droid lineup. Not sure how that's going to work as it is not Android, though.
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    So people think Palm will be left in the dust again, at Verizon? Well I do wish Palm had not signed an exclusive with Sprint for a full 6 months. Palm could have gained itself footing before the Android hype at Verizon started.
    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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    They are like weathermen, they can be wrong most of the time and still have a job!
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    we will see what happens in CES.
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    CNET also loved the Instinct and agreed it would be the "Iphone KILLER", We all know how that one went over.
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