This is getting weird... I signed up for Nation plan 350 with 3500 free nights/weekends. I had to add the data plan for another $4.95 + .15 per minute AND another $2.99 per month for for 100 SMS's.

If you go to haqndspring and buy a Treo now it is,

$39.99 for the nation 350
and another $6.99 for 100 SMS's WITH no per minute charge data access... ???

Now it gets more weird... I was typing most of this post while on hold with cingular concerning my bill with $70 worth of data access minutes!! The person I got was so nice, she got rid of the data charges and told me that there will be a no monthly charge "out of the bucket" data plan for Treo in the next few months. While she was on the phone she searched for any other plans that would help and she found a plan for some other models of phones that were out of the bucket. She said she better not try it because it might not work because of the model difference. I asked her to try it because I'm not using they're access # anyway. She said fine and it is no problem because it can be switched back no problem. She even told me when it had processed on her computer and for me to give it a try while shec was on the phone, and it did like a charm. My feeling was that they don't care what model you call your phone as long as it works.

She also told me that the rate on the HS site is wrong and her supervisor is going to get it fixed tomorrow but she credited my account to the lower price for this bill. She ended up knocking $83.00 off my bill!

A happy day to be owning a Treo with Cingular