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    I cannot believe how easily I've migrated from the PocketPC (Ipaq) to the Palm OS. I love the Treo and the way I've been able to personalize it with the various hacks available. But being new to the Palm OS I was wondering about how to change the system fonts for various apps. I've learned how to change from normal to bold to large but I'd like to experiement around with different fonts to see if I can increase readability as well as further personalize my Treo.

    What hacks or programs are out there that you Palm veterans are using and reccomend. I've done some searches and read up on a few things but would really be interested in your reccomendations, especially since most of you are using the Treo.
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    If you're inside of the Wordsmith program, you can view a bunch of different fonts. I think the Tahoma font looks the best, as it was designed for small screens. However, Wordsmith's font feature only works with Wordsmith.
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    Don't forget about FontHack123. There are a TON of fonts in different sizes. This hack replaces the system fonts, and can even do so on a per-program basis. For font lovers, it's worth a look.


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