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    I received my Treo last Thursday. I made a few data calls, a few voice calls and a few SMS before the weekend started. During the weekend I had made many long data calls and voice calls on my trip to DC. Under the VS plan, weekend calls and data calls are unlimited. Last night I checked my minutes over the automated service VS provides and my minutes for whenever (weekday) minutes were astronomical, NOT my weekend minutes. After spending 1 hr on the phone with a VS rep, we both had found calls that were over charged. The rep had 65min weekday used, I had 37 min used during the weekday (she lowered her number to 65min after telling me I had 300 min used during the weekday- crazy). Since the Treo can track the time for each call, I walked through each call I had made and went over each time duration (not fun). She noticed many discrepancies on her side! Times were NOT adding up. So, beware. My advice, call VS and check your minutes, they will over charge your calls (1 min here, 2 min there - it adds up). Period. People need to call and protest. The more the better. Finally she said that the calls to VS (611) and weekend call were pulled from your call 'bucket' and added together, but when the bill is shipped, it is adjusted correctly. Has anyone else encountered these issues?
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    Thanks for the heads up! Gonna keep my eye on that one!

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    I've got two VisorPhones and use all of the services. I'll be sure and check my next bill!
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    Voicestream (like most cell-companies) round up to the next minute. It takes a few seconds for the switches to realize you have disconnected and stop timing your call. (How convenient for them.) So if your call lasts 57 seconds, you are likely to be charged for a 2 minute call.

    I think they disclose this neat billing trick in their Terms and Conditions.

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