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    Does anyone else feel Palm is supportive of the homebrew community?

    I mean, they haven't intentionally tried to cripple Patches or Homebrew Apps. They recognized this stuff on their twitter posts yesterday which i think is actually a really big deal;

    "RT @Pre101: Just wanna confirm, WebOS Quick Install v2.95 (and greater) is FULLY compatible with 1.3.5 (via @JayCanuck)"
    about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck

    "RT @Adora: Late Christmas present from @palm = webOS 1.3.5 is released! Don't forget to remove your themes and patches before updating."
    about 16 hours ago from TweetDeck

    I think its really great Palm supports these activities.

    Any thoughts?
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    uh yeah. They even got 1.3.5 early to prethemer so he could make sure themes work with it. Its like have divorced parents...a bit annoying but hey we get 2 Christmases!
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