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    Is anyone having this problem?

    I got my Treo in record time, woohoo. Went through the initial learning curve and got everything functioning, except, internet application and SMS. Email worked.

    Found out that I need the SMS center number 500 to run SMS applications.

    SMS worked. I was told it would work only if I entered 500 in the To: ____ line to send message. Turns out it would work by simply putting the email address in the To: ____ line. Seems reasonable as that appeared to be the way it has been designed. It worked both ways.

    Yesterday, the SMS message sending stopped working???? I can receive text messages but can not send. Any thoughts. Voicestream is emminantly clueless.

    My email application continues to function. Still trying to get web access.
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    What messages do you get when you try to send SMS? What kind of problems are you having connecting to web sites? Have you contacted Handspring about these problems? There is a toll free wireless number on their web site that you can call anytime.
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    That's the kicker. When I send the message, it process like normal and then says "sent", and executes just as though the message was succesfully sent. The bummer is that the message never arrives. I tried on several email accounts including four of my own, no success.

    The internet just seems to time out and then it says something along the lines of failure due to signal strength. When I move to someplace that behaves as though the signal strength is right under the tower it still times out.

    I suppose I should try HS, although, the first two times I was trying to deal with this issue previously they shovelled me off to voicestream.
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    Are you trying to send a regular SMS or a SMS email? How many bars do you have for the signal strength?
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    I am having the same problem. It looks like it is sending the message fine only it never arrives. I've tried with "500" in the "to" line and with the email address there. No luck
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    Open up the SMS application.

    Open up the menu, hit "options" and "preferences"

    Your "SMS message center number" should already be filled in (mine's "+12063130004"). It sounds as though your "SMS email center number" is not. enter in "500" here, not in the "to" line. This should get all your emails working fine.

    At least, that's what did it for me... perhaps it's a different problem
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    I do have 500 as my email center number in the preferences screen. I've just been trying everything in the "to" area to see if it will work.
    What should be in the "to" area - just the email address?
    Then you drop to the next line for your message? Nothing I try works...
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    I recieved my Treo last Thursday on the Voicestream system. SMS worked perfect. Could send them to any e-mail and they would be received and could send e-mail to the Treo and the Treo would get it.

    That was Thursday !!

    Friday ?

    Whole different story.

    EXACT problem everyone is having. Treo gets e-mails fine, but says MSG SENT and then e-mail nevers arrives. I reported this to Voicestream Friday morning and again Sunday morning.

    As of this morning (Tuesday 9am Mtn time) still doesn't work.

    Good luck
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    Interesting....does anyone think signal strength could be affecting this?
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    I'm pretty sure this is a VoiceStream problem, not a treo problem. I've had this happen to me intermittently even back with my VisorPhone a year ago.

    I just tried sending an email sms on my treo and it worked fine, basically instantaneously. yesterday it was working for me as well, albeit with about a 20 minute delay between the sending of the sms and the reception of the email.

    again, I do believe it's a network issue.
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    Forgot to add,

    Per VS they ARE subtracting from my 500 SMS msgs a month for all of them that are currently not being delivered.

    So on Friday I got a 50 cent credit for my next bill because they "can not" add more SMS messages to your bill.

    Sunday the were not as inclined.

    Call them and get some credit for message sent and not received!

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    For the record, I have the very same problem. 500 in the prefs, SMS-to-email worked fine initially, now nothing. The messages just vanish into the ether. I have an open "work order" with VS right now regarding this problem. And everyone I talk to at VS acts like it's the first time anyone's ever mentioned this, and they spend 30 minutes trying to convince me to put the message center number into the email center number pref area...
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    Well, looks like I'll be talking to VS tonight as well...not that it'll do any good.
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    This sounds like an epidemic. I tried SMS yesterday & today and had my messages act like they were sent, but they did not get to where they were supposed to go. I called VS to verify the SMS message center # & e-mail center # and they are as posted above.

    I did notice that the received messages are numbered starting with 500 and going up with each successive message. When I read the message, all the information is there, including the senders e-mail address. If I hit reply, the address becomes the message number. For example, the message appears to be directed to "503". If I type a reply and hit send, it sends the message as if there is a normal address there. But the messages don't arrive.

    If I start a new message and enter a real e-mail address, it works as it's supposed to.

    Any ideas?
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    Three of us are in Boston...I wonder if there is a problem in our area?
    I too get the numbers going up starting from 500...but if I reply with either the number or the email address in the "to" field neither works.
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    Gotta be a VS problem. I just realized mine havent been sending at all since Sunday. I am now in Baltimore area. I can send to 444 and I still receive my preset alerts however.

    People on PDABuzz complaining about same thing.
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    I'm in PHX and having this problem and a collegue of mine in Los Angeles is having the same problem as well.

    Jeff - PHX
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    WOW, it's obviously a REAL problem. I hope they fix it soon - it's one of the features of the treo I would like to use a lot.
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    Same problem sending SMS's to email addresses in Dallas on my Treo (which came in today ). Same settings as above (VS). Appears to go through but doesn't reach recipient.

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    per VS Wireless Data Group Technical Support, SMS E-mail has been down since last Tuesday and there is

    NO ETA

    On when it will be back up.

    That does stink !

    Jeff - PHX
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