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    Just as a data point, it's working completly normally for me right now. I can both send and receive SMS emails from my treo on VoiceStream.

    I'm currently in S. NJ (near philly). I'll try it from home in PA this evening.

    SMS message center number: "+12063130004"

    SMS email center number:
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    looks like it's working for me now too...I sent two emails with success.
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    Wow! It's now working for me as well

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    Me too. Looks like they got their act together.
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    anyone figure out how to get your alias name ( NOT to appear in capital letters?
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    Heh. Yeah-- good luck with that one!
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    I thought it was Is that what you meant by alias, or can you use something else before the @?
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    you can change it to anything u want at

    Pretty cool.
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    Hi All,

    This issue with SMS email is all about VoiceStreams local links to an email server from their SMS gateways. They seem to have a bunch of these links in different parts of their network and these links are usually maintained by a local ISP. If the ISP goes down for any reason, you dont get your SMS emails nor can you send em. The only thing to do is to encourage VoiceStream to gt the link going again. After all they have wasted your money by sending messages into the electronic blue yonder and charged you for the privelege.

    SMS programs cannot smartly respond to inbound SMS Email. They always have odd inbound service numbers like 501 which cannot be replied to. It looks like it would be too hard to parse out the email address from the body of the SMS email and make this the reply to address so HS left it out. I just copy and paste the email address from the body of the message. Messy but it works.

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    I'm in chicago and I have not been able to send sms email from my treo since I got it last thursday. This is really poor response from Voicestream. Plus their customer support is clueless about this issue.
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    Just spoke with VS about the SMS reply problem (where the "To" address is the SMS message #).

    I was told that when SMS messages are sent to the Treo from an e-mail address, the VS service will not put that address in the "To" section when you reply. However, when an SMS is sent to the Treo from another mobile device (phone number), hitting reply will put the mobile # there. Otherwise, you will have to enter the e-mail address to reply.
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    I couldn't get to the forum yesterday.

    Bottom line it appears as though I can get through on my dial up service and send and recieve email. It appears as though I can receive SMS but no can send! I also can not get web access. All my configurations are correct. In fact, I think I know how to configure better than Voicestream.

    Interestingly, when I got my ticket escalation from Voicestream they said it would be at least 48-72 hours before they can get to it. That is not good.
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    Arguably, if Voicestream, on of the only supporters of the Treo product can not deliver then Handspring has a problem. I consider the Treo a revolutionary device that has huge upside potential. It would seem important to me if I were Handspring to get my cellular service provider on board and functional asap. Otherwise, the upside of the Treo is significantly dampened.

    I believe that HS can certainly ride VS some to get some resolution here.

    I, also, believe that HS could prepare a reasonable tutorial on the functionality of the SMS function and the email function. Currently, for me it is a learn by trial and error, mostly error. This is especially true as I am not an engineer, computer programer, systems analyst or any other profession that has a clue when it comes to the wireless transmission of data.
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    I am happy to report as of 8:10am WED morning, my Treo has sent an e-mail msg.

    Msg was received 2 min's after sending from the Treo.

    Might just be back up.

    Jeff - PHX
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    Allright! SMS Email from Voicestream now works Really Fast here in Chicago. It took a while but it sure is nice when it's working at warp speed!
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    Follow Up to my earlier post:

    I sent a text message to my Treo from my Cingular/Nokia phone. SMS received at Treo, and when I went to reply expecting that it would have the mobile number/address as the VS Rep suggested, the return address was the message number. I called VS again, and then the rep suggested that perhaps this happened because the phone I sent it from was not a VS phone. I explained that this is not how the messaging feature is supposed to work.

    Curiously, when I look at my received SMS messages, it shows in the "From" section that the message is actually from the message #. The return address appears in the body of the text message.

    Is anyone else getting this? It seems that the whole point of having a "Reply" button is so that you don't have to go to the bother of entering the e-mail address each time you respond to a received message.
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    You can reply.

    You don't have to enter the email address.

    Try it. reply to the incoming message you test-sent and received on your treo. The phone you sent the original message should receive the reply. At least, that's how it works for email.

    I can send an email SMS to my treo. I tap "reply" on the Treo and the "to:" field contains "5XX" (some 3 digit number starting with 5). This number maps onto the email address I used to send it, because when i type my message and send, I receive it at the original email address.

    Obviously, voicestream's email center bridge is hashing the incoming email address into this 3 digit code.

    I recall reading EXACTLY this in my original VisorPhone documentation, and I bet it's also buried somewhere in the electronic copy of the treo manual.

    In any event, people are getting all riled up about something that works just fine.
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    I thought the 3 digit SMS code would simply remember the reply to e-mail adress as well. But every test message I send does not go to its intended destination even though the Treo gives every indication that the message was sent.
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    I don't know what to say, other than it definitely works as expected for me when I reply.

    Originally posted by MarkSpector
    I thought the 3 digit SMS code would simply remember the reply to e-mail adress as well. But every test message I send does not go to its intended destination even though the Treo gives every indication that the message was sent.
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    Well as many of you did I enjoyed a full day of SMS functionality. It was really great. That was of course until tonight. Somewhere around 8 pm all SMS deliveries ceased. As before, I can receive SMS but can not deliver.

    VS customer service #1. It has to do with the internet. When I asked why I could send to an e-mail address and then not send and then send again she hung up.

    VS customer service #2. On hold waiting for wisdom.
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