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    I should be receiving my Treo tomorrow morning (provided it's merely lost in the mailroom and not actually stolen or misdelivered by Airborn Express), and will want to start playing with it immediately. However, I think I recall reading somewhere that you have to fully charge and discharge the Treo before using it.

    My questions are: when It's plugged in charging for the first time, will using it while it's charging damage the battery? If so, how long do I have to charge it before I can start to use it? Also, in order to fully discharge it, I just use it the first day/night until it dies, right?

    Sorry if these are rather silly questions, but I'm likely going to be over-eager (manuals, what manuals?) to finally use it when I get it, and from what I've heard the battery isn't going to be strong to begin with. I woudn't want to start out by making it weaker. Thanks.
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    The Start Guide that come with the Treo should help you with yhour setup. You need to charge the unit for 90 minutes before you start using in. Itg is not recommended that you complete discharge the battery. Lithium batteries like to be topped up on a regular basis.

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