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    For those wishing for an app you can use to dial a number from any app, here's one to try:
    QuickDial (freeware!)

    I can't try it yet, but would love to read about other's experiences with it.
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    Unfortunately, it requires a silkscreen stroke to activate (like some other formerly-useful software I've had to remove) so it can't be used, unless you have a 180g I suppose.

    Or is there some way to fake having Graffiti?
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    darn. I was hoping it could be assigned to a button or something. Is the ONLY way to run the program by using the graffiti stroke, or can it be launched from the launcher and/or EasyLaunch?
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    I was unable to get EasyLaunch to show any hacks as possible "actions". Am I missing something?
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    ah, so this is an actual hack, then, requiring hackmaster and everything? They don't mention that on the program download page (or I just missed it). If it's not a regular program, but just another hack, then you're right, it won't appear in the launcher or EasyLaunch.

    I hate it when developers don't bother noting important info like that. Hello? If it's a hack, tell people it's a hack!

    I haven't tested it myself because I don't have my Treo yet. :\

    Thanks for checking it out. Guess I won't be using it.

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    Yup. And aside from that, I hope developers begin taking into account our lack of silk buttons, too. It's a shame that EasyLaunch doesn't. None of the "from" strokes include "display area" like the "to" do. Bummer.
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    Bump. Has anyone found something like this (i.e., free) for all other Treos (other than the 180g)?
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    Two others:


    Great program, integrates very well with Palm OS/Treo 270. Options to activate via stylus or keyboard. Horrible customer support. Never sent registration number. Program works without registration, but slowly.


    Very similar to iDial, but with good customer support. No problems on Treo 270. Options to activate via stylus or keyboard.

    Both programs will work only in programs that allow for true text selection, e.g. Blazer will not support it, nor will some email programs.
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    Loaded iDial, thanks for the tip.

    Not sending you the registration code after paying for it (I'm assuming you paid for it) is reason enough for me not to bother with that. I'll live with the slowness.
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    Paid for it, never sent me the registration. I've sent 6 emails to proxyminds, the developer, and no replies at all. 2 months ago.
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    MarkNdials latest version supports Blazer!
    It's a much better app in my opinion than Idial and the support from PDAApps is A+.
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    I totally agree.

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