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    Thanks everybody for the advice. I'm sorry that I'm not the only one with these problems! I hope someone from HS monitors this board!

    I want it to be clear that I had no problem with their original expectation of 1-3 weeks. That was clearly stated, and while all of us hoped for 1 week , we were obligated to at least wait the full duration prior to calling.

    That has long since come and gone, and all I'm asking for are answers. HS cannot give them to me, and because of that, I should have the right to cancel my order. I will play along and do all the PITA stuff when it randomly shows up to return it, but it is not endearing me to them.

    They may have a great product out there (I am a huge HS fan), but they will by no means be the only one. I hope they realize I DO have choices and WILL act on them. Whether I get by with my current Prism/Omnisky/Earthlink, or go right to a competitor, I dont' have to be treated like this.

    Theoretically, shouldn't the early adopters be treated better than average, so we all recommend HS unequivocally? Don't they understand that? It is our word of mouth that is going to keep their stock up!!!!!!!
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    Finally received my Treo. Handspring screwed up and left my company name off the address I gave them, so it was delivered to the wrong place yesterday and sat there all day. They are SO inept. I must say, so far the Treo is pretty cool....
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    Glad to hear it's finally in your hands
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    this is absolutely the straw that broke the camel's back ... now i find out that my treo 180 has been backordered likely because they gave it to someone else and i can't get my ordered canceled.

    being one of the dumb people who thought by ordering on 02/10 would be a good idea is turning out to be the worst thing i could've ever done. almost 5 weeks later ... no product and now another two weeks possibly to wait.

    if this is truly a sign of things to come i don't think hs will be around much longer if they're not able to get their act together and fast!
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    That is incredibly poor customer service. I'm sorry to hear that has happened to you. There is no excuse for that.
    This whole ordering process has certainly changed my mind about HS. I am happy so far (only been two days) with my treo. And it's exciting because it's the only device like it available right now. But within the next few months there will be a lot of competition for HS and I think their performance with this product launch is going to hurt them. When it comes time for my next device of this nature (with color screen) I'll have to think long and hard if I'd be willing to deal with HS again.
    On another note I've heard other people mention that Best Buy and Comp USA are expecting their treos in this week...who knows? But I'd keep checking. When I asked them a month ago they already had the stock number in their system.
    You CAN cancel your order. They haven't delivered what they promised.
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    *sigh* You'd think Handspring would learn.

    I purchased my original Visor Deluxe from a store months after they were released and had no problems, but from what I've heard it was Hell to try and get one when they initially released them. Late orders, charged cards, non-shipments, wrong shipments, etc etc etc. Ask some of the original Visor purchases and see what they can tell ya. It won't be pretty.

    It wasn't just with the Visor Deluxes, either. From what I understand, there were some minor problems with a few of their later releases as well (Prism, Edge, etc).

    Personally, the thing that ticked me off was when I ordered my VisorPhone module. It was on the first day they offered 'free with activation' promo. I remember going to the site ready to pay the $50 and finding out that they changed the promo and now offered it for free.

    A week before I ordered, HS had a notice on their website stating that they were upgrading their shipping systems which would delay orders placed by a week. I chose to wait the week and place the order a little later (which was good, 'cause that's when they started the promo).

    When I ordered, I was told the VP was 'In Stock' and shipping. Nope, it wasn't. I waited one week. I emailed them, they promised it within the next week. Two weeks passed. No VP. I sent another email (this one a little more irritated). They promise it within the next week. I get another email from them (it was a 'form email') stating that the VPs were out of stock and would be shipped as soon as they arrived. I check the site. They have a notice saying that all orders placed before a certain date (which mine was) would be shipped by a specific date and all orders placed AFTER would take 2 to 3 more weeks.

    Okay, so another week passes and the aforementioned date comes and goes. No VisorPhone. I get irritated. Not just because of the delay, but because multiple posters here on the VC boards began reporting that they received their VPs when ordering AFTER the cutoff date. Out of Stock, my ****!

    I believe the total wait time was a month and a half, and my VP finally arrived on my doorstep.

    About two weeks later, I get another package from HS. They sent me (and apparently, everyone who complained or had issues) a free neoprene Visor/VisorPhone case and a form apology letter. Hell, it wasn't a charger (but that came with the VP already), but it was at least something.

    Still, these Treo problems seem to be the SAME type of problems that they've experienced their entire existence. I'm both surprised (that things haven't improved) and NOT surprised (this has happened almost every time before).

    But all I can say to all of you still waiting is . . . stick with it. It WILL eventually arrive. If you cancel now and go elsewhere, you're wiping this slate clean and potentially setting yourself up for another round of problems. All this frustration would be for nothing. Who knows, perhaps HS will do something similar and send you all a free accessory or somesuch. They did it for me.
    -Richard Powell

    "Nice guys may finish last, but you know, the company's much better back here."
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    Thanks Raptor,

    Yes, I was a 2x Visor Deluxe owner, one of the first few orders there too (you'd think I'd have learned this time around ), and also got my company to standardize on them. It looked pretty bad for me for a while. In addition, we had major problems with the serial-port cradles, I think I personally went through 5 before HS admitted there was a problem with them.

    I received my Treo today, and have already called HS for an RMA. In the time since waiting for it, my lust for it has dwindled to the point that I will wait to see what other people come up with. I've seen the Palm, and it is a nice device - I really like the push email!

    My dealing with the CS dept. was the last straw in this whole thing. I had to push and argue for them to cover my shipping, after I've waited 5 weeks with no progress info from HS, other than "soon". They shipped when I asked them not to, and then they have the nerve to try to get me to pay for the shipping on my refund!!!

    We are early adopters - we are technogeeks who love the latest thing, and will recommend this to friends/family/co-workers, and help Handspring sell more of these things. We SHOULD be treated better than average, so our experiences are flowing with praise. I think at this point, we'd settle for NEARLY AVERAGE as a huge improvement.

    I like Jeff and Donna's philosophies, and their products are top-notch. I just hope their way of doing business can permeate into their operations, so more of us don't run to other vendors when competition comes out.

    I imagine Sony will have a pretty nifty little device when it comes out with its version...
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