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    I've been Treoed for a little less than a week now. Does anybody have any concerns about the flip window getting scratched and/or cloudy? Is anybody doing anything now to protect it? Any suggested protection (outside of keeping it cased), if anyone thinks we ought to be concerned?

    Loving this gadget, but a bit annoyed at the extra keystrokes/taps needed to get to address information....
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    I have noticed a little scratching on my flip screen but it is minor and my own fault as I carried it in my pocket with keys while biking - not too wise!

    On the Address front, all the old AddressBook replacements for a standard Palm OS organizer still work just as well with Treo. I use AddressPro to get alternate views of my data if I would rather not use the new view in Contacts on Treo. Some of these apps allow view by Company which can be useful.

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