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    just my coupla cents ...

    Originally posted by oyinbo
    Like I said earlier, please donít use me as a lightning rod.
    awww, you're no fun at all!!

    As for my identity, Miradu2000 (a contributor) and I have emailed and he can validate that I am for real.
    It's not that I don't trust or believe Miradu -- I do, he's always seemed to be a good and honest bloke -- but can you provide any other corroboration? 'cause you really could be any ol' snarky webbie who wants to fool with us. (Jaded? who's jaded?)

    I will probably not post here again since I am not an official company spokesperson ...
    but that's no fun either ...
    heck, we have an Apple insider around here someplace. Plus peoples from various springboard developers. why not a person from Handspring?
    On the other hand that could very easily get you into biiig trouble with your superiors. You could very easily accidentally say something they don't want you to. (Hey, I've been told to lie by a boss a time or two. I've refused, of course, and it's been an issue, but my opinion is, if they don't want people to know the truth it can be no comment from me or a lie from her.)

    If you have any questions though (no flames please!)
    flames? us?
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    Originally posted by Toby
    FYI, ****-richardson was being a bit facetious about that 'helpful fellow'.
    Yes, precisely. I found humor in appearance that I believed you were personally responsible behind the termination of his [supposed] employment, as well as the assumption he was 'helpful'. Now it's not funny anymore.
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    Thanks Oyinbo. I've often wondered if Handspring was reading, and, although I couldn't imagine why they wouldn't take advantage of such readily available and organized customer feedback, it is reassuring to hear from you directly.

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    I think it takes some courage to comment in a public forum like this (even if you are anonymous). My first reaction to your original post was to feel a bit self-conscious, and at the same time pleased that Handspring pays attention.

    It is kind of a partnership, really. Develop, sell, listen, evolve or die.

    First my Timex Sinclair 1000 went away, then my commodore 64, then my handheld TRS-80, then my Amiga, then my handheld Atari Portfolio, then I got a Palm Pilot. Yeah, that sorta went away too, but now 3 visors, a prism, and now a Treo later, it does seem like Handspring is on to something. I want great products to evolve - I invest in you as a customer - in a way trusting that you won't let me down.

    I hope I'm not a jinx.

    Keep up the great work and innovation. Just remember, please stay in business.
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    saying thanks to oyinbo I reached my first goal: someone is reading up there, and believe me, it's useful to know.

    now, in order to complete the goals and make this board much more useful than it is, we should organize ourselves.

    the board is extremely useful for us to exchange impressions and hints, as well as to teach the youths; however, it would be nice if it becomes useful to compile a wishing and bugreport file.

    as an IT 'old worker', I know - as well as oyinbo - that customer feedbacks are very useful, more than you (readers) think. I think they carefully read everything, and they would like to implement many things we suggest (both directly or indirectly), but sometimes it's hard to let the engine work and produce what we - as company member - want.

    we can facilitate the job by collecting our points of view in one, organized (searchable?) zone on this site.

    I'd like you at visorcentral to tell what you think, it's your turn!
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    Originally posted by matro, in order to complete the goals and make this board much more useful than it is, we should organize ourselves...
    The last thing this place needs is more divisions of topic. The mods move threads as needed, I see no reason to try and fix it when it ain't broken.
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    HandSpring, please work with Voicestream and Cingular to correct the wireless Internet problems! My Cingular Wireless Internet to MindSpring (Earthlink) was working for 1-1/2 weeks, but this morning it stopped working. It appears that I never even reach MindSpring dialup. I get the dreaded:

    "Network busy, wrong dial-in number, or data service not enabled. (0x1102)"

    If these issues persist, this will kill Treo sales. Manufacturers and carriers should work together instead of pointing fingers at each other.
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    "Network busy, wrong dial-in number, or data service not enabled. (0x1102)"

    Hey Gang,

    This is not a Treo thing this is a network thing (consider it a generic "can not connect" error). After having the same issue at home I called up a contact of mine over at Cingular and they said that they are having rather frequent outages on their circuit switched data network (which of course they would not publicize). If you find yourself in a spot where you've had good coverage in the past and suddenly start getting the above error it means Cingular is having an outage, or all of the connections on your tower are full. Turns out my contact was right and the coverage at home was back two days later. Since then I have experienced the same thing at work once. The good news is that supposedly this will not be an issue with GRPS.

    We'll see!
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    Also - anyone using Cingular service and dailing up to Earthlink (or any other ISP) REALLY NEEDS to re-run the Configure My Treo, select check the internet for updates, this will install the Cingular MyWirelessWindow connection with has been vastly superior to Earthlink dialup for me.

    It has made the difference between me being unhappy and VERY happy with how data connectivity on the treo works...

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