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    Just a quick question for those in the know.....

    Does anyone think that the Treo platform is at the EOL stage? or does anyone forsee a next generation Treo to further combate the over crowded smartphone industry?

    I am not sure what direction to take after my Treo Pro gives out on me.

    Thanks in advance.
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    As far as I know there will be no more Treo or other palm devices, other than ones that run webOS, but I could be wrong...this is just what I think I've picked up around the forums.
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    I too feel I'm at a crossroads, in what do when VZW gets Pre. Been using Treo for 3+ years, do I stick with Palm products or move on to the Droid? Will have to most likely replace my current apps, migrate my contacts & calendar data to my gmail account no matter what. Won't leave VZW regardless.
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    I can't see Palm building a new Treo unless it's by way of a "souped-up" Pixi (itself a replacement for the Centro).
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    palm pre that is an easy question. get classic. it allows you to transfer files via bluetooth. You will love the pre. Hands down. Multitasking is not hype. It is very real. I have several web pages open at one time. Test drive a friends or coworkers. You will be hooked. Capacitive screen and multitouch. Web centric design. Come on was there really any question.
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    hold on maybe a pixi might be your choice should you need the keyboard or want a more solid phone. Best to test drive the device at a sprint store for know until it is at verizon. I think the pixi on verizon will have wifi.
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    yea definitely treo is no more
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    The pixi is suppose to be an upgrade for centro/treo users. As it stands, the older line models will no longer be updated/continued.
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    Well i do not know if you speak from experience but I have classic on my pre and I love it. fast, screen is not an issue, i recommend it. I use the program daily since I have some programs that require palm older os. They allow you to evaluate the product so you do not have to trust me for what I say. Test it for your self. Then if you like it , you have to purchase it after so many days. Do not like it, then do not purchase it.
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    I talked to a palm ''engineer'' after a palm profile serious issue and he told me that the treo pro was going to be redesigned with gesture and pre internals. 11 days till ces, we will see if rubenstein was blowing smoke to spike stocks after ces or not.

    vzw is getting a different pre, according to vzw its updated, then the pixi is coming and yes, with wifi. Sprint wanted the pixi w/out wifi so they had a webos phone that didn't require data, as it not having wifi makes it not a smart phone under their classification.

    I love my pre and my pixi, the pre has a slider(which I hate moving parts on devices) and the pixi is a little slower and has a smaller screen, but better constructed hardware. Give it another month. Vzw employees are told they will start selling webos phones in january sometime, and they also are told the ipone in julyish
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    Won't Treo Pro be updated? That's in the Palm Website.
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    yeah, that's what I'm saying, treo pro with webOs and pre internals
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    Quote Originally Posted by toyotast165 View Post
    I talked to a palm ''engineer'' and he told me that the Treo Pro was going to be redesigned with gesture and pre internals.
    I always thought that was the plan. The Palm pre was the "precursor" to the webOS Treo. Looking forward to that.
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    yup, he reminded me that ''pre'' means before. Me coming from treos and complaining about wanting a new treo, not a pixi. Even though I have a pixi and a pre.

    then again though, rubenstein said they're not working on a tablet or slab or whatever and that just sounds like b.s. To me. Its prolly already done and they are waiting till ces to release crap to peak the stock
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