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    I see so many rants on here. And I don't mean the ones that are constructive. Some of the rants I can understand...for example the ones on lost contacts saved in the "clouds"...I understand that...they lost mine. I understand the ones about multiple returns of pre's due to faulty $ardware/software issues and next thing you know you have gone through 3 Pre's...I would be upset as well. But how about some positive feedback...I have used many phones and tested a few...and they all have their faults...I actually trust that Palm will do what it can with its limited resources as some have like apple and google. I have never been more impressed with any phone to start with its ease of use. The WebOS's ease of use and multitasking is wonderful. Palm is always updating...more than I have seen anybody...we haven't always seen what we wanted to see in one of our past updates...but nevertheless they have been steps. Once their is use of the GPU, Flash, GL, etc I know many of us will be elated. And I believe they will be in the very near future. Do I believe there is a point that we actually should going into a full rant mode?...of course I do!...but now is just to early for some of these "impatient" rants. patience would seriously plummet later than march or April if there are not use of the GPU and Flash by then. Should these things perhaps been executed earlier?...HELL YES...LOL. But they didn't and we still have a great phone overall and it will be better soon. And I have no doubt that one day when the PRE 2 comes out that they will have learned what they could have done better by reading these forums and responses of media critics etc. For a first generation product they actually did a great job...I would love to here constructive criticism as well as the positives (although somebody will go into a full rant)
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    And one more thing...we are very lucky to have the Homebrew and all of ability to enhance the phone with preware and all the guys associated with that community....should some of the patches already been parts of our updates for example app limits?...OF COURSE!...but we atleast have a very simple way (some don't follow directions and post threads asking questions instead of taking the time to SEARCH) of enhancing the phone while Palm continues to send frequent OTA updates...
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    I love my Pre even with all its flaws or maybe more direct incomplete aspects.

    Everyone complains about one thing or another...I'm just amazed on how angry people get. I've come to the conclusion that Pre/Pixie owners complain here simply because they have no where else to complain.

    Precentral has become a sounding board for both good and bad news and I'm just hoping something comes out good because of it.

    I'm like most people here, we have many positives and a few complaints and problems and looking forward to Palm's updates and changes that resolve issues and make our phones better.

    I have no doubt better software/hardware support is coming, GPU integration will arrive sooner then later, along with Flash, Video Recording, & Numerious Other Enhancements like WebGL & simple Fixes for what we already have.

    What's amazing is people actually think Palm isn't doing these things. Of course they are and with great speed and motivation. Business is all about innovation and your competition will do if you don't.

    Palm has made a beautiful and Very Useful tool that competes very well. I can't wait to see what's coming in a couple of weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ferriskeanu View Post
    ...we are very lucky to have the Homebrew and all of ability to enhance the phone with preware and all the guys associated with that community.
    Well said!
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    no phone is better than the palm web os PERIOD. None. Not iphone, not droid, not winmo, not maemo or whatever else is coming out. personally I would like palm web os to capture more market share, because i personally believe that this os can be adapted to a tablet platform with ease. But first like concentrate on the phone/verizon pre phone.
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    So I awake this morning this morning after starting this thread last night and all I see are the same old impatient I said I believe there is a point where we draw the line and become impatient however I believe that line is just a couple of months line would be after March or so and perhaps even after February without signs of progress while many others it seems it was the minute they bought the phone and turned it So much negativity/pessimism here such as stating Palm won't make it past a few years etc. That's a very premature statement. I believe they did a great job with the resources they had for a first generation device and expect even better things in the future. Some people you as a result of "impatience" will find anything to rant about. Is the Pre perfect?...absolutely has its flaws...but I see a company that aims to continue enhancing our device...maybe not as fast as some would like with the expectations nowadays of their demands being made now...right this minute...instead of allowing time for the process of proggression...(And yes...I get a little impatient too...but I also take the time to step back and look at the positives)
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