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    After 2.5 happy years w/my Visor Delux, I'm considering an upgrade to the Treo.

    A simple question: what about my Handspring modules I use w/my Delux? Can I still use them w/ a Treo?

    Does the Treo have some other kind of expansion slot?

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    The Treo has no expansion slot (currently) and you cannot use any existing Visor Springboards or Accessories, from what I understand, this includes Stowaways, etc.

    Sorry...well, you can always donate them to a poor college student!
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    I don't have mine yet, but I can answer your questions.
    No way to use Springboard modules.
    No other expansion slot/method.

    The only thing is has is 16 megs of RAM, and the USB port on the bottom. It's conceivable that some 3rd party accessory maker might release a product that uses the USB port (like a folding keyboard for the Treo) but don't buy the Treo hoping, let alone counting, for any cool expansion/module support.

    Still, I'm surprised they didn't include some kind of Edge style backpack for long-time Visor users. But oh well. I can't complain since I don't have a Visor or any Springboards.


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