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    I have a hack on my Visor called Switcheroo that allow me to launch programs using a graffiti stroke and a letter, number or symbol. For example I used tgo do a stroke then write the letter a to open AvantGo. NOw that I have a keyboard Treo, I no longer have this useability. It would be great if a developer come up with a hack that would allow me to launch applications with a keyboard button combinations. Between TreoButton and Easy Launch, my regular buttons are full. At the very least, there should be something that will allow your most used apps to popup without tough the screen for selection.
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    I sent e-mail to the EasyLaunch guy, and he's taking a break from the Palm Dev thing for a while. He didn't even say how long, or if he'd ever work on EasyLaunch again. Big-time bummer.

    Maybe Mike McC can be persuaded to add Treo keyboard support to popup the McPhling list. Question is, what key combo should be used. How many key presses can the keyboard detect? Maybe the Q and W keys pressed simultaneously can activate McPhling, I dunno.

    Anyway, we can either whine until someone does it, or contact our favorite hack authors and ask them to support it.

    I'm gonna go post a note to Mike right now.
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    Here's what I send to Mike McC:

    "McPhling rocks, as you very well know. But, I'll be getting a Treo (w/ keyboard) soon, and foresee the total inability to use McPhling. I'll mourn the loss of such a great program greatly, but figured I might as well make a plea while I'm at it. Is there any way you could look into an activation key combination or sequence for Treo keyboard users? I know that the keyboard can detect more than one press at once, but I'm not sure how many. It also has it's special function button, which doesn't need to be held down for most situations... maybe you can figure out a way such that holding it down and pressing a certain letter will switch to the MRU app, and another letter will bring up the MRU list? You'd make a LOT of Treo users happy if you were able to implement something like that."


    (edited out Mike's reply, as he later replied that Treo support is planned, but not a sure thing and it could be a while. Other features are on the list before Treo support)
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    I am a Hebrew Visor user.
    I thought of ordering the 180g cause I really want to keep entering Hebrew characters, But How difficult would it be to program a keyboard hack to insert a foreign charecter set?

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    I emailed Lonnox the developer of the Switcheroo program and guess what???? The hack already has support for keyboards (Stowaway). This means that you can launch any program with the keyboard on the Treo! Simply press blue option key + Space bar + whatever key you programmed to launch an appliaction (e.g. X for X-master). You can also use numbers and symbols to launch programs...Cool! This is what I was l was looking for. NO need for EasyLaunch and such now.
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    I'm the author of Switcheroo. The fact that it's got Treo support came as a bit of a surprise to me; it's a side effect of the Stowaway keyboard support I wrote into Switcheroo. I wouldn't have known about it at all (I don't own a Treo) if yardie hadn't mailed me about it.

    Thank you, yardie, for spreading the word about Switcheroo. I don't make any money from the program, but it is nice to know people are finding it useful. That, and it's secretly my attempt to take over the world by getting everyone to run my software on their handheld. But don't tell anyone that.
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    Originally posted by yardie
    you can launch any program with the keyboard on the Treo! Simply press blue option key + Space bar + whatever key you programmed to launch an appliaction
    Hmmm...This doesn't work for me. I've tried everything. I seem to have a series of sporadic errors all over the place, could my unit be defective?

    Yahoo Messenger crashes unit. Data in datebook ROM app crashes unit. Buttons-T crashes unit. Web clipping apps crash unit. Now I realize, these are 3rd party apps not designed for the treo, but I seem to see a lot of posts with other users successes.

    I am also concerned about lack of inherent full-functionality. By this I mean when I must do a hard reset (all too often) the phone work (albeit with no contacts beyond whats in the SIM) but all wireless functions are gone without re-running the configure your treo program or restoring from backup.

    It seems from some posts that the treo has some form of flash rom. It would be ideal if the carrier and wireless info could be put into flash rom then the device would lose data but not utility in the event of a hard reset. This would also be good if I could access or recover data wirelessly (WeSync, or just a yahoo synced calendar or address book).

    On my old palm III I used the flash rom for data backups too. I could hard reset until the cows came home and only lose a sync or twos worth of data. This level of functionality would truly make the treo rock solid dependable.

    Comments? Advice?

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