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    hey treo dudes,

    I just isolated a fatal exception I always experienced so far: it happens when the treo is off and an SMS arrives.

    when I power up the GSM part, network scan begins, then a fatal exception occurs after a short period. sometimes soft reset works, sometimes got to use something to hard reset the phone [and you know, when you're out you haven't got anything useful!]. once restarted, a dialog appears telling "at least one SMS is present on your SIM card, do you want to transfer them to the Treo?" [well, not exactly but same sense]. I press OK, then activate the SMS application: new SMS is there, along with a blank one (!!) ie. an sms without sender nor message body.

    is anyone experiencing something like this? let me know. I also wonder how handspring will fix bugs like this if such software reside in ROM and it's not a flash one.

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    This is weird!

    Try hard reset | Remove Backup folder (in C:/Program Files/Handspring/Yourname) | Test SMS | Re-install apps. Let us know if this helps.

    BTW The treo does have a flashable ROM..about 4 MB... But the OS is still not upgradeable.
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    You may want to try deleting the "SMS Messages" and "SMS Message Index" files from your Treo. I had this problem once in a while with my VisorPhone where these files would get corrupted; and then when I received an SMS message I would get a fatal error.

    I'm pretty sure you can use the Delete function of the built-in launcher to delete the files. If not get a file manager such as ZarfCatalog.

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    I echo the last posting - delete the SMS Message Index to clear up your problem. I used Zarf Catalog though you can also use an application like Beam Box to do the same thing.

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