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    I read on here that there is a number that you can dial that lets you use Voicestream as the ISP. I currently have a broadband internet connection at home and they don't have a dialup number, so I can't use that to access the internet and check email. Does anyone know what the phone number is. I called VS and they said it is true, but they aren't allowed to release the number, but I could find it on the internet. I have searched on this site, but don't see it. If anyone could pass it along either here on the board or emailing it here , that would be great.

    Thanks a lot for your help!
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    nasaman, I tried the Voicestream number in the other thread about connecting to the Voicestream ISDN. It doesn't work for me now - I don't know why.
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    Here's the thread with all the information.


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