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    I know that I can permanently disable/enable call waiting through the menu in the Phonebook (Options -> Call Preferences -> Disable Call Waiting). However, what I'd like to do is to keep call waiting enabled all the time, and have a dial prefix (like *70) to place in the "Preferences -> Network -> Phone -> Disable call waiting" setting, so that incoming calls don't disconnect the PPP connection when it's active.

    I called Handspring and they said that such a dial prefix would be a carrier dependent feature. I called Cingular and they said it was a hardware thing. (I'm inclined to think that the Cingular rep was less informed, but that doesn't get me any closer to having a solution.)

    Anyone already have this working?

    P.S. I tried *70 and it didn't work.
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    Try Appendix E of the user guide for Treo. I think the code you are looking for is: #67# which deactivates call forwarding when busy. You then use *67# to turn it back on. This is all on page 235 of the Treo 180 manual.

    It could also be #002# and ##002# depending upon your needs.
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    Dave, How did you get your manual? I did not receive one with the phone, only a quick reference guide.



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    try looking or it on the CD
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