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    here is an idea for a future webOS device: all the edges on each side of the screen are individual gesture/navigation areas, fro the corner of the edge to the screen. Each are customizable by a default settings app, including the screen itself. For each area, you can set it to scroll (just like the screen does now), zoom in and out, rotate the screen (to any imaginable angle not just portrait and landscape), make it a back and forward swipe, or turn the area off. Each area would not be sensitive to tiny flicks that might be accidental, so any for longish swipes/sliding of the finger. Modifier buttons could also make one gesture edge be for multiple actions.

    I think it would make a phone very engaging to be able to use two or three edges to navigate.
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    update: another reason for this idea is to make the screen take up the entire area of the front side of the phone
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    and out if curiosity how would you hold the phone?
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    same, that's why I said it only recognizes actual swipes and longer sliding. And its not the whole sides of the phone, its from the corner/edges next to the screen to the screen itself

    -edit- lol sry for the funny spelling, was typing fast on my pre wile working
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    are you drunk?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    are you drunk?
    I thought that too.

    The sprint guy was telling this lady that the edges are all the touch part. I argued and he just disagreed and said he knows what he's talking about.

    Other angles than portrait and landscape? like.. half way between?

    I think its complicated enough for most people. I would like it but its not very realistic.
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    its where we're headed. drunk? w t f lol.

    like all angles (of rotation), depending on how far you move it, like zooming

    here is how i would maybe implement the quick launch wave into this design. the wave is instead a circle with your most frequently used icons. u can start it from sliding in to the screen from any edge. the farther towards the center of the screen you go, the smaller the circle gets, and the fewer icons are on the circle. the icons that are eliminated from the outer most part of the circle are less used, so that when you go to the very center of the screen, there is only your most frequently used icon left. make sense? the circle encompasses the screeen and gets smaller as you move in much like the iphone launcher.
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