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    Does anyone know anything about the screen protectors for the Treo 180 for sale from How many protectors per box? Are they any good?
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    I personally just use some vinyl bought at a fabric store. Super cheap and works pretty good. Should last a long time considering you don't use the screen to write on.

    Anyhow, if you drill down deeper into their website, you will find some of the info you're looking for:

    Screen IT! MKII for Palm OS Device

    Protects Palm PDA device LCD/TFT screen from scratches.

    Designed for easy application and optimized graffiti recognition. The mild adhesive is screen safe and leaves no residue when removed. 6pcs in a pack provides up to a year of protection.


    Here are the reviews on their site:

    Screen IT! MKII for Palm OS Device
    Write Review Product Details

    They are so clear you forget there is a screen protector on the screen
    Chris Wright Australia, Sydney (10/12/2001)
    Yeh I've had a similar problem with my Palm Vx. I didn't use a screen protector because the Palm manual made such a point of saying that you didn't need a screen protector - but then of course my screen got scratched! After a lot of looking around I started using "Screen It" screen protectors, available from I was initially pretty skeptical about these, but I have to say that after two months use I can vouch for the credentials of these protectors. They are so clear you forget there is a screen protector on the screen and any air bubbles disappear the longer they are on the screen. I'm still on my first one and I'm a heavy Palm user. You also don't have to incessantly clean the screen each day (in fact it's better if you don't). Anyway hope this helps.


    Satisfied customer
    cnegrad USA (7/22/2001) Greetings,
    Okay, I've installed my Screen It protector strip on my Prism, and I'm pleased with the results. Are they completely invisible--no. The screen is slightly duller than without the protection, but that's to be expected. Turning up the brightness a bit helped as here.
    But there are no wierd problems that others have mentioned with regard to the writeright product. And I can't perceive any difference when I'm writing on it either.
    Look, anyone who has scratched their pda knows how annoying that can be. Screen It seems to be a good compromise. I reccomend it.
    (Not related to in any way; just a satisfied customer....)


    Very pleased Lorraine Lim Singapore (6/27/2001) My Palm has become indispensable .... I'm thinking of changing to the Palm m505 end of the year. And yes, I'll be buying your IT screen protector soon. I'm very pleased with the current one but I think I need to change it soon. Will be visiting soon.

    Too early
    THOMAS M. GOETHE USA (4/12/2001) Thanks for the Purple Moos. They arrived on 4-8-2001, so your estimate of within a month was wrong. I'm not complaining :-) Thanks very much for a nice product. I would rate the screen protectors as a 4.5. The only change I would like would be a little less less "slickness" for the stylus. That would make it a 5. Thanks again for making a nice product and for getting half way around the world so quickly!

    Thomas M. Goethe

    Smooth and Affordable
    Firetrail (4/16/2001)

    From a user's perspective, Screen IT ! MK II protectors are really smooth & affordable as well. Very smooth, looks great, professionally packaged & cheaper.

    Palm IIIc screen protector
    Steve L. Stranz USA (3/6/2001) I received the order and I am very happy with the Screen it MKII for Palm IIIc. Thank you for checking on the order and the follow-up letter. We will be doing business again. I rate the Screen it MKII for Palm IIIc 5 stars. I am still using the first one and it is clear as ever Thanks again.

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