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    Palm, Inc. - Palm Announces Q2 FY 2010 Earnings Conference Call Details

    4:30PM EST today, conference number in link.

    Predictions, anyone?
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    Palm, Inc. F2Q10 (Qtr End 11/27/09) Earnings Call Transcript

    If you would like to have your own point of view about Palms F2Q10, from the following you can print 15 pages of the full transcript

    If you also would like to discuss about some info of this transcript, please post your comment.

    I will read all the 15 pages because it was made from live Earnings call meeting of this last Dec 17th 2009.

    Who were in the meeting?:

    Teri Klein – Vice President of Investor Relations
    Jonathan J. Rubinstein – Chairman of the Board, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Douglas C. Jefferies – Chief Financial Officer & Senior Vice President

    Simona Jankowski – Goldman Sachs & Co.
    Amir Rozwadowski – Barclay’s Capital
    Thomas Michael Walkley – Piper Jaffray
    Mike Abramsky – RBC Capital Markets
    Matthew Thornton – Avian Securities, LLC
    Phil Cusik – Macquarie Research Equities
    Jonathan Goldberg – Deutsche Bank North America
    Analyst for [Edward Synder – Charter Equity]
    Analyst for Maynard Um – UBS
    James E. Faucette – Pacific Crest Securities
    Tavis McCourt – Morgan, Keegan & Company, Inc.
    Analyst for Jeffery Fidacaro – Susquehanna Financial Group
    Jim Suva – Citi
    Deepak Sitaraman – Credit Sui

    By the way ToniCipriani I did not want to duplicate a Thread and with the info link you posted and this new one, I just thought, we complement the information
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    Well, They are making things and reacting on the way as situations are coming but with a plan as well.

    IMHO These are some of the most important paragraphs:

    "We´re meeting our strategic goals as we work to rapidly expand our installed base by launching more Webos products with more carriers to extend our reach in new and existing markets.

    "We´ll be launching a new broad based Palm marketing campaing later this quarter."

    " We ended Q2 with cash, cash equivalents and short term investements of $590 million"

    QUESTION made:
    If it could just ask Jon the Google phone announcements changes the competitive enviroment Jon in your view?

    WEll, as I´ve always said this is going to be a very competitive business so from our perspective it´s one more competitor in the marketplace. Of course, we haven´t actually seen anything announced yet but based on the rumors. i think we´ve a really good plan forward and we´re going to continue to execute along the plan.
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    My eyes hurt.
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