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    Now that we know that palm will be at ces i am starting to speculate and wonder. Everyone is wondering if palm will have a pre2 i personally do not think so. What i am thinking though is that they will have an updated pre with more memory as almost everyone here has mentioned. in addition to having more memory it would be in palms interest if they would change the current processor to the TI OMAP 36x.

    720 to 1ghz
    75% better graphics performance
    more power efficient
    and its cheaper than the omap 3440 our current one

    This would dramatically improve speed on the pre and yield to better battery life. Palm really needs to impress people on verizon and on at&t and frankly the phone does not cut it to stand out against the rest performance wise. Not webos wise.

    Forum member kedar uses smartflex 600mhz and says his pre feels 2x as fast and says his battery life is amazing. These are things needed so that people can be comfortable using the phone. Cause excluding the apps factor its a little frustrating using the phone when we have this lag/latency.
    What do you guys think

    For the pre2 though i would like to see either tegra 2 or the omap 4.

    Do you think apple will come out with an upgraded iphone and if they do how do you think palm will combat it specs wise.
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    Sounds unlikely. They don't need it. You don't need it. It hasn't been a year yet. No one with a pre could update, + it'd create huge development conflict. And if not, it would waste resources for backwards compatibility.
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    Not going to happen.
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    I'd like to see a more durable build. My battery door fell off and left a small crack which has now grown towards the screen and a small chunk of the fram has fallen off. I baby this phone sprint won't do anything either, and if palm won't help, I may be forced to I may be forced to buy something else until a better build comes out.not sure how long the phone will last with an exposed portion and a crack.
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    i wouldn't mind the upgrade. aslong as its not outrageously priced. i love my palm pre!!!!! PALM MUST SURVIVE 2010!
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    We aren't ready for a new phone yet and palm isn't big enough to be working on both updating the current pre to reach the community standards and building a pre 2. I don't doubt they are working on a pre 2 somewhere but they aren't going to say anything until they have reached full potential on the current device.

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    I think Rubinstein said himself no other hardware will be made.

    A better, sturdier build of the current one would also be nice, really nice.
    A lot of the reason why people (me) rant and cry about the phone is hardware issues and the OS clearly keeps them glued, a better build may do wonders for Palm.

    As for the iPhone, I've read "OS 4.0 is in the pipe" but I haven't bothered to read into it.
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    The Palm Pre was announced on the last CES. So that is a year ago. I wouldn't be surprise if they announce a new Pre that will be out in June.
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    Considering Palm already said they aren't. I'd wager a no to that.

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