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    which begs the question that concerns me given the real risk of terminal damage dropping my Visor. For those of you having had their Treo's for a while ... is it construction comparable to a normal cell phone, i.e. to survive non abusive handling i.e. fumbles that do occur in regular handling ? The screen being the number one concern of course

    Comments ? (if this has been asked & answered my apologies - a quick search turned up nothing)
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    I have dropped mine from the desktop with the flip open... no damage what so ever.

    Dietrichbohn dropped his and only got a scratch.

    I feel a little more protective of this over the old Nokia but not worried.
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    You should tape it up with old toilet paper like i do. It makes it unattractive to theives, and negates the impact of a fall.
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    Originally posted by Veloslave
    Dietrichbohn dropped his and only got a scratch.
    Yep, though it was more like a ding. 5 feet to a hardwood floor, so not all that traumatic (i.e. concrete would have been much scarier). As I mentioned in the I dropped it! thread, it did cause the hard plastic coating to start to flake off.

    ...then again, it looks perfect now because I had to get it replaced for another issue. More on that in my mini-review.

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