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    Paul -- bought the Brookstone case, put the flap back like you suggested and works perfectly !!!

    A PERFECT CASE FOR THE TREO with or without the flap back !

    Gets ***** from me !

    Great post Paul -- THANKS !!!!

    Jeff - PHX !!
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    Originally posted by GregGaub
    <snip>...but with a flap over the top and a magnetic snap to hold it shut.
    Do you think the magnetic snap might interfere with the Treo guts?

    Seems my Pappy tol' me magnets and memory don't play well together...

    I ask because I picked up the Brookstone case and use both flap in
    and out options. Unfortunately, the grabby side of the velcro is
    on the case and catches on stuff, like the lining of my suit coat.

    Ugh. Do you think adding a magnetic snap might be an option?

    Impatience makes you UGLY.
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    I wouldn't be too concerned about a magnetic snap closure as far as memory was concerned -

    But I WOULD be concerned about how it would mount on the Brookstone case - wouldn't want any metal protruding inside rubbing against the flip window...

    One thing you could do is *carefully* remove the velcro and glue/stick/stitch velcro back on in the opposite orientation (loops on the case, hooks on the flap. No more stuff getting caught in the hooks when you're "flappin"!

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    The magnet clasp I'll be using is not powerful enough to go through the two layers of leather and the front of the Treo to cause any problems to the innards of the Treo. In fact, I don't think it's powerful enough to cause problems if I stuck it right to one of the chips on the mobo. ;-) It's one of those button/magent things, that has a nub and a small hole to keep it from sliding, the magnetism only keep it from falling apart.

    As a temporary solution, I've put an old "TheClip" button on my Treo using a 3M "Command" adhesive strip. These things are designed to let you basically pull the adhesive pad out from between the two surfaces by stretchihng it. Anyway, it holds really well, and should allow me to remove the button when I'm ready to make my leather case. It works ok, but I'm always worried about hurting the Treo somehow while it's on my side without protection. As we all know, one should always wear protection! ;-P
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