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    It is now a week after they promised us our Treos, and as far as I know, no one here has received their Treo with VoiceStream service. Since the "I got mine" topic is getting long and varying on topic, use this thread to update other impatient VSers. Some of the earliest orderers should be on this forum so it would be appreciated if you posted here when you are informed that your treo is shipping.

    Personally I ordered my 180 on the 11th, and it has been at the approved service plan/Preparing Order status since the 27th. Another pointless call to customer support told me nothing more than "soon." However, he stated that VS treos have been shipping out slowly since the 25th, which I find hard to believe. I just hope I get mine this week.
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    Mine is waiting at home for me. Ordered 2/11 @ 7:20 am. Arrived 3/4 @ 10:41 am. New VoiceStream service...
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    I ordered mine at 7 p.m. PST on 2/10 (!) and got it this morning. It's beautiful.
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    VoiceStream just release on their web site the
    G100 PCMCIA wireless GSM card:

    I point this out because of similar funcitionality
    and service issues with Treo for Laptop users....

    And it sucks that Treo isn't release yet via VoiceStream directly.

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    how much is that and where can i buy it?

    can i use it with the Datastream services (9.6kbps)?
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    There's a thread running at that indicates HS may or may not have sim cards. Someone was told they would ship the delayed orders on Friday (03/08).
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    Thanks for the link to TreoMB, I wish I knew of that site earlier!

    Those of you that received it, how much earlier did you receive your shipping notification? Did they tell you on the same day that it shipped out?
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    I did get my shipping notification on the day it shipped (late Friday).

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    Mine shipped on Friday, 3/1 (8:45pm according to Airborne's records) and I received the shipping e-mail at 2 am PST Saturday. By the way, they did ship it next day (by 12 noon)...
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    Someone on the treomb message board is now saying they ordered a VS activated treo March 1st and got the shipping confirmation yesterday. If this is to be believed then there is something seriously wrong with the early orders. I don't know what to believe anymore.
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    Picked up by Airborne at shipper's door 6:38pm

    Arrived at Airborne Philadelphia 7:24 am
    Out for Delivery 8:20 am

    Let the games begin.
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    Treo landed at my home "delivered" 11:49 am 3/05/02 re: "Shipment History" and confirmed by my wife.

    Will begin the trial (hopefully not travail) when I get home tonight.

    Details to follow.
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    Originally posted by jcon
    Picked up by Airborne at shipper's door 6:38pm
    See this is BS, there MUST be something going on with earlier orders, mine was ordered on the 11th and STILL hasn't shipped! Heck I should just drive to Indiana and force it from them!
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    I'm more annoyed by people ordering them March1st and having them arrive today. Something odd is going on.
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    ...ordered in the evening (6pmish) on 2/13. Went to Preparing Order at the same time as everyone else did. Got an e-mail this morning saying it's shipped. I ordered with VoiceStream and am in the Central time zone. UPS says scheduled delivery is 3/11, I didn't pay for express shipping.

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    Ordered on the 20th with VS service, Received the shipping confirmation this morning, arrived UPS today.
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    Does anyone have a Handspring gun target for me?

    To my surprise, without ever receiving a shipment email, my Treo arrived this morning!

    Turning on wireless mode, however, does not find a network. Going to Select Network finds VoiceStream and AT&T. Select voicestream, wait a minute, then get Error Registering With Network.

    So I assume it just needs to be activated, as per the VoiceStream manual (the treo manual says to just make a phone call). Call up voicestream, and whadyaknow, they have a special note that treo users need to contact Handspring. My SSN is NOT in their system.

    I call the HS wireless support number, and going through the menus, it connects me right back to VS activation support.

    Get escalated to a special activations person, who takes my information again not finding it in the system. Takes my SIM and IMEI numbers, and says I should be activated within 48 hours, but not until they receive the information from handspring.

    Call HS's normal custsrvc # and am told, as usual, that it has not shipped according to their system. Apparently their "system" or lack thereof, waits until it realizes it has shipped, THEN sends your information to voicestream, and only THEN will the treo be activated. WHO KNOWS when this will happen!

    Meanwhile I sit here with a useless Treo. I leave for a 5-day trip tomorrow and I'd LIKE to bring my treo along. Of course I can't read the manual on the plane either, because they don't bother to print the thing.

    As you can tell, especially after all the waiting, I'm not very happy with Handspring.

    Has this happenned to anyone else? How did you manage to get activated?
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    jwardell, I saw a post about a similar problem as yours. And although the VS person said 48 hours, the other person's phone was activated within 20 minutes. I hope the same is true for you. Good Luck.
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    whats wrong with this picture?

    I ordered mine on the 10th, I know I must have been one of the first few.

    I have not seen anything, and my calls to HS have been the typical useless drivel. One time it is SIMM cards, the other it is no product, the next time it is VoiceStream, always something.

    Does anyone have someone I can escalate to? It's been well over 3 weeks for me now, and people who ordered considerably after me with VoiceStream are happily playing with their toys.

    HELP, SOMEONE??? I'm very close to cancelling and staying with my Omnisky/Prism.
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    At 1:25 pm I finally got an SMS saying that my account was activated and listing my phone number. It has been MOSTLY smooth sailing since. I am finally happy with the treo, and just in time to take on my trip tomorrow.

    Funny thing is, Hanspring STILL says my ordering is being prepared. Hah, the treo is already registered. Oh well.

    So don't use the "Preparing Order" as ANY judgement of your order delivery. For all you know it WAS delivered, and stolen from your doorstep!

    Anyway I'm off on a 5-day ski trip, a good test for the Treo. Catch you guys on the flip side.
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