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    badkins, what area of the country are you in? Others are still waiting as well. My guess is that they are short on sim cards for certain areas. I'm in MA and I have yet to recieve one.
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    Hi Sparkle,

    I'm in Colorado. That is a good question, I didn't realize SIMM cards were specific to your region?? Anyone else from the Rocky Mtn. Region have their VS Treo out there????

    Again, I guess I would appreciate having someone who knows this stuff be able to tell me what is going on, rather than the "Magic 8-Ball" effect that we've all been getting to date.

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    If it's any help I do know of people who have gotten their treos in the Colorado area...some not until just yesterday. Good Luck.
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    Thanks, thats very helpful.

    I really dont' know what the purpose of HS customer service is, when they give you random answers every time, and if you call them on it, then they simply say "the warehouse is in a different area, so I don't know any more than you do".

    There is no one to escalate to, they dont' know anything, and if they think YOU dont' know anything, then they make up whatever they THINK it may be, hoping it satiates your curiosity.

    I'm calling the corporate office tomorrow. My company is a vendor to HS, and I hopefully can get to someone with some answers.

    Thanks for filling in some blanks, Sparkle.

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    I live in Colorado. Got my Treo about 10 days ago. Was using a visorphone previously. I popped in my VS card from my old visorphone and everything worked fine.
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    Badkins, I'm still waiting. I spoke with someone this evening who said I wouldn't see it before next week - but they couldn't give me a reason why. Nor could they give a reason why people who ordered well after me with VS activation have received theirs. According to the three people I spoke with "very few" people who ordered with VS have actually received their treos and "no one who ordered after me has received theirs yet". I guess they don't read these forums.
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    Good to hear that there are others with Treos in Colorado. I ordered my Treo Thurs 2/28 I got it Mon 3/4! Unbelievable. This was Handspring pennance for having provided such poor service when I ordered my first Visor (Oct 99) that when I still did not have it in January 2000 they sent me two Visors. Questions

    1. I love the Treo. The wow factor is back. I had it in 1995 with my first PDA, I had it in 1996 with the Palm Pilot, again in 2000 with the VDB and now Wowww. Very cool, very functional and I may even be able to shed the Man Purse with the Visor and accessories.

    2. I am trying to set up a my wireless data. So far so bad. The visorphone was just one more accessorie that I did not need. The whole wireless data scene is new to me. The installation with my desktop failed to find the necessary access. I am not sure that my ISP will be able to handle the deal. I thought I read that someone had set up through Yahoo. Anyone know if this is possible?

    3. The phone works, no problem. Calls in/calls out. Can't say I like holding the Treo to the ear though. I will likely opt for speaker phone or ear piece options. Speaker phone is good in car, albeit, the other party complains of echo. Too bad.

    4. Is anyone fm Colorado aware of a Palm user group? I could have used one on many occasions.
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    I can't believe you just ordered on the 28th and have it already.
    I don't think they're ever going to send me mine.
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    So UPS says my package will be delivered today instead of Monday. I also got another e-mail from Handspring about my VoiceMail service last night...I guess the first e-mail sent was to inform me that I'd been approved, and this second e-mail is to inform me that I've been activated. Now all I need is a phone.

    To recap I'm in the CST and ordered 2/13 with VS activation and no accessories.

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    I just found this board, and I think there's a terrific amount of information on it....


    Can anyone tell me why my Treo 180g hasn't arrived yet :-)

    I ordered in at about 11pm on 2/10 and I selected Voicestream service since I live on Long Island. Has anyone else in the area received a Treo yet? I saw some from NJ and NYC....


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    SCK18, I think we're in the same boat. I am from Colorado, but similarily, placed my order the evening of the 10th., and have not yet received (or heard) anything.

    I just got an email saying "sorry we are delayed, but don't know why", but this doesn't explain why those who ordered first are getting theirs last.

    Now they say it'll ship the week of the 11th. I'm almost to the point of not caring anymore, and sticking with my Prism and Omnisky/Earthlink.

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    Yup, I just got the same email:

    Dear Valued Handspring Customer,

    Thank you for your Handspring Treo (with service) order. We wanted to notify you that we have experienced a small delay in
    shipping your order. Your Treo is expected to ship from our warehouse the week of March 11th. We apologize for any
    inconvenience this may have caused.

    We will ship your order out as soon as possible, and want to thank you for your patience and understanding with this temporary

    Thank you,

    Handspring Customer Care

    Ridiculous. Of course, I'm upgrading from a Palm V and have been looking forward to this for months, so I'm not about to cancel my order!
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    I got the email as well. I've about had it with HS Customer <WE DON'T> Care.

    Here's what gets me. If they don't have sim cards for my area(which I believe to be true) then fine.
    But when people on this board show that for the same area - let's say Colorado(which I'm sure only has one sim card type) - that orders placed a few days ago have been shipped and orders placed a month ago are still sitting in a warehouse - you have to wonder what on earth is going on.
    Why is someone who ordered on the 10th still waiting and someone who ordered on the 28th happily playing with their treo?<no offense to anyone>
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    Ordered: Mar 6th, 2002 from Amazon with $100 GC using Voicestream activation and 2 day shipping ($11)

    Shipped: Exactly one week after ordering. Mar 13th. Called Voicestream to pick an easier number the same day. Didn't get xxx-8888

    Picked up: Local FedEx station Mar 15th!

    Thoughts: Love this thing...would love more if colored (never satisfied). Connecting to the web was a breeze, just entered dial up username/password/number.

    Small gripes:
    1) opening the thing up doesn't go to applications, since you already have the damn phone button at the bottom
    2) contacts list was a bit hard to adjust to at the beginning
    3) thought there was voice recorder for some reason
    4) can't connect to AIM using username/password, but can to Yahoo! messenger
    5) blazer doesn't seem to pass querystring info on some sites when getting details for a product or adding to cart
    6) color pictures when browsing the web!
    7) even though it has 16 greys it doesn't seem to use them as well as the Clie t415
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    ...and it was activated, and everything worked per spec, even Web and e-mail. Stayed up all night playing with it.

    So far, coverage with VoiceStream seems OK in the Boston area.

    Only complaint, can't seem to Mute the voice call. (Can mute the sounds, that's well documented.) But there seems to be no way to mute the call so that the called party can't hear you, whilst you can still here them.
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    after about 5 weeks of waiting i finally received my e-mail this weekeknd saying my treo had shipped ... AT LAST.
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