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    well, i've had the treo for 10 days now, and the speaker for the phone is now broken. it still works with the headset, but no more using the phone directly or the speakerphone.

    i called Handspring and a replacement is on the way.

    anyone else encounter this problem yet or can suggest a fix? Ive tried various resets, pulling the SIM, etc.


    p.s. alarms and rings still play.
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    You said:
    "and the speaker for the phone is not broken. "

    When you meant (I think) "is NOW broken."


    Bummer about that. Was the help desk cool with it?

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    customer service did everything they could to rectify the problem. they were very cool and hopefully the replacement will be here tomorrow..but i doubt it as i havent received any confirmation email of it shipping (but then again, i got the treo the same day i received an email)


    p.s. yes, i did mean "now broken" and i have fixed the post
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    (shhh: I had to get my treo replaced too. the SMS door wasn't solid enough and it kept getting disconnected. I say this only because they told me it would be a week for a replacement but it was there the next day. Shhh)
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    wow. one day replacement. that was fast. thanks handspring. oh yeah, shhh.

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    Just wondering out loud...

    How do they handle the replacement? Send you a new one and wait for the old one? Do they take a cc# first?

    They sound trusting, that is good to hear.
    "Happy are they whose sins are forgiven, whose wrongs are pardoned"

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    yeah, they took my card and shipped me a new one which i received the next day. i have to send the onld one back within 14 days or else ill be billed for the new one.


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