View Poll Results: Compared to all phones I have OWNED the Pre ranks?

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  • 10 Best daw gone phone I ever owned hands down. It never leaves my side. May be the love of my lfe.

    29 50.88%
  • 9 Almost the best of my best. But would not go back.

    9 15.79%
  • 8 Great phone. Think about a past phone.

    13 22.81%
  • 7 Not to bad. Dream about paste phone

    2 3.51%
  • 6 Ok. It is still working

    0 0%
  • 5 Well what can I say. I'm in for the long road.

    0 0%
  • 4 Ugg! I wish I still had the other phone.

    2 3.51%
  • 3 Don't like it. Can't wait to get rid of it.

    1 1.75%
  • 2 Worst piece I have ever owned. Garbage

    1 1.75%
  • 1 Smashing it with Hammer tomarrow. Will pay anything to get a different phone.

    0 0%
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    Here is a poll asking if the best phone you had was a 10 for smartness then how smart is your Pre. It is your rating for all around internals and ease of use.
    If this is your best phone then it is a 10. If this is not then rate it compared to the best one you had. Only compare it to the ones YOU HAVE owned.
    10= best

    I love the Pre and all I can do with it but for overall smartness and usability I liked the 700wx more. Maybe it was the fact I could be doing something with it, throw it at the wall, pick it up and continue with what I was doing.
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    i am personally still using my last palm for 'palm' stuff almost 6 months after getting my pre... yes, I got classic... :-P ...never had to do THAT before. Have been with palm since the greyscale days... first smartphone was a samsung i330 in 2002. It was voice controlled and could edit excel spreadsheets... what more can I say.
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    No one has anything to add? Just vote and run. Wow, I feel like a flash in the night.
    I do love my pre and I do understand that it is a whole new OS and design away from what Palm has been doing all the years past. I would say that I like very much what I see coming from them so far. I do wish they were faster with big updates but I know they are working VERY hard, side by side with so many outside people. Can't wait to see where all this will be 6mos - a year from now as it comes together.
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    Did you mean:
    7. Not to bad. Dream about paste phone

    Or did you mean:
    7. Not to bad. Dream about past phone
    Just call me Berd.
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    Well it doesn't do half of what my other smartphones could do. But I will give it is the best damn multi-tasking phone ever. I really didn't realize how muchI took it for granted until I started playing around with my new BB Curve. The ease and fluidity (think that's a word) that you can open/switch between apps is unlike anything on the market or anything I have experienced. Too bad that is all it's really good for. Might end up being a great phone in the future but I for one can't wait. Got my eyes on that HTC HD2. WOW! Now there's a iPhone killer!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    Did you mean:
    7. Not to bad. Dream about paste phone

    Or did you mean:
    7. Not to bad. Dream about past phone
    LMAO. Seems like whenever I do one of those vote things, there is always one word.....ugg
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    This phone would much better if it loaded apps faster and if it had the weather and calendar as a widget. I am happy with the progress so far.
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    I love my Pre, but I gave it an 8. I still wish it could do a few things my 755p can, which is disappointing considering that it gets so many things wrong that Palm had already done right in the past.

    Minor things missing / quirks:

    1. Swiping left and right for App Pages. It just didn't make sense to me at first; where's the little menu so I can classify apps according to their use and the corresponding drop down menu to filter Apps shown according to their category? That same filtering is feature is missing from the Contacts application.

    2. Butchering of contact names. I used the Data Transfer Assistant to move my old contacts to the Pre and I was appalled at how it butchered most of my contacts. See, I live in Puerto Rico and over here we use two last names. My wife for instance, is Melendez Paler. Melendez is her father's last name and Paler is her mother's. Women don't have a habit of taking the husband's last name; they just keep theirs. Anyway, when she got put on the contacts application, and once it was done pulling and organizing information from Facebook, her father's last name disappeared; she simply got Paler as last name. This happened to a bunch of contacts I had, all of which I had to fix manually.

    3. Depends too much on "the Cloud" when there are alternatives. This is especially annoying when it comes to paid apps. With my Treo I could go to any website that sold Palm OS apps, buy it, and install it via Hotsync. That was the end of it. Now I can't buy any app that I find useful because Palm is taking too long in allowing the App Catalog to sell apps to my market.

    4. Just a Document reader? Come on! My Treo included a Documents to Go version that allowed me to edit the files as well. All I can do is read them with my Pre. To add insult to injury, I suspect that DataViz will end up selling Documents to Go through the App Catalog, thus shutting me out from buying it when it's out. The end result of that issue is that I have been unable to retire my Treo because if I need to edit a Word file while on the go, the Pre can't do it. Yay.

    5. Can't transfer data wirelessly between my PC and my Pre. This was a big disappointment for me. The Pre has Wi Fi and Bluetooth, but it doesn't want to play nice with my PC. I can only use USB, and I must use it through a flimsy, really low quality USB door that I'm afraid will break at any minute. I can use Hotsync to transfer files from my Treo to my PC without issues through Bluetooth (actually only through Bluetooth, since I have Vista 64 which can't connect to the Treo through USB shrug). I know some homebrew developers are working on this and that there's also The Missing Sync, but seriously, this is something Palm should have had working from day 1, no excuses. Maybe, since they insist so much on the "cloud", they should have a service where every Pre user is granted a gig or so of storage on their servers that we could use to pass files back and forth between Pre and PC...

    6. Can't record video. Come on Palm, is this for real? Every single cell phone I've had since 2004 (not even smart phones, just plain cell phones) has had a video recording feature. You're going to tell me you can't implement this in the Pre yet? Big disappointment. Hey fellows, look, my fancy awesome smartphone with critically acclaimed OS can't capture video! Sad. I believe it's also lacking an audio recording feature. I don't use the later as often as I used video recording, so I haven't checked for sure but I've not seen an app that can do this preinstalled on it at least.

    7. Lack of arrow keys or equivalent. This one took me by surprise. I had seen pictures and reviews of the Pre and it had never dawned on me that it didn't have arrow keys. Typing something, needing to go back to fix it and clicking and clicking to get to the right spot is really frustrating. I know there's a feature that you hold the orange key and you get some arrows to help you out, but every time I try it I'm still unable to get the cursor right where I want it with ease.

    Now to be fair, I know that the Palm OS in the Treo 755p has been around for a very long time and thus had the chance to mature, quite unlike the Pre which is still a puppy, but I still get the impression that Palm should not have gotten so many things wrong or poorly implemented simply because even though this is the first release of webOS, this same webOS got released by a company that has a heck of a lot of experience in this business. Why did they miss so much stuff?

    Anyway, I still think the Pre is an incredible device. It just needs to keep maturing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    Did you mean:
    7. Not to bad. Dream about paste phone

    Or did you mean:
    7. Not to bad. Dream about past phone
    if that had read

    Dream about pastA phone

    I would have had to vote for it
    There are four lights.
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    Just amazing how far the technology has come, it was just a few years ago that the Razor flip phone was state of art. Lots of time when I travel, I leave my laptop at home now. In this instant, got to have it now state of mind, alot of people don't understand how much technology is crammed into these smart phones. I really look forward to the future of Palm and webOS!
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    I miss some of my old blackberry usability stuff. " " -> ". " Led indicator. Roller wheel for navigation, but I think my Pre has started to convert me.

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