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    I'm expecting delivery of my Treo today. The reports on battery life are the one disturbing thing I've heard about the Treo. With a non-swappable battery, I worry about having a beautifully engineered paperweight in two years.

    What should I do with the Treo out of the box to maximize lifetime battery life? I've heard that some boxes came with instructions from Handspring to charge the Treo for 90 min and instructions from Cingular to charge it for 24 hours. Which would you do?

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    The Treo battery is Lithium Ion so it won't develop a memory or need conditioning like the old NiCad batteries.

    I charged for 90 minutes out of the box, at which time I had a green light on the charge indicator. I have had no problems with battery life, and regularly get 2 days out of every charge session.
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    I've give it a long charge initially, and try to run it right down and do the same around once a month.

    Yes, I know it's LiIon - that's pretty much the instructions that come with most of the cellphones I've had lately, including the LiIon battery in my current Nokia. For the 8210, it suggests 3.5 hours initially, and then 2.5 if the battery is completely flat in future. In practice, I tend to leave it charging overnight like that once a month or so.

    The rest of the time, it's in and out of the car kit, and seldom gets very low.

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    You should be able to get teh Treo replaced or a enw battery put in if the battery die3s in two years or so. Of course it might cost you a small fee to do so.

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