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    Besides Blazer, what other, and preferably non-gateway, type browsers have people used?

    Even if the browser was not useful, I'd like to hear about them....

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    Eudora has a browser that does a good job of syncing your desktop bookmarks. The browser itself is fast, but that's partially b/c it sees no graphics.

    You can also use AvantGo to do browsing, but Blazer makes that feel pretty shallow.

    ..there are others, i think, but my experience is limited so i'll keep quiet.

    ...btw: the gateway isn't a necessary thing. I believe you can set your own homepage. ...that said, I kinda like Handspring's gateway, despite being driven by the devil.
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    Your signature keeps saying your SOON going to use FreeBSD..... Why not just do it!

    Mozilla, btw, is the best browser for FreeBSD and can be built right out of the ports collection.

    There is more to life than the linux kernel, there is the *BSD Operating System!
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    Is there a HS gateway page that is useful? The page that came in my Blazer has no link elsewhere and has mostly useless info.

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