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    I hope this port is generally useful to Treo and some of the
    threads that have been going on.

    I found the following on Handspring's support site by search
    for "modem" under support.

    I replicated the above to make sure all browsers can see it.

    This little item in explaining a PalmOS error, suggests that the Treo via its IR port can be a modem. This would further imply that like Visor with the VisorPhone, plugged into its usb/serial cable would also allow the Treo to act like a phone.

    However, I cannot find any information on this subject in the Treo's online tutorials.


    PS: With enough indirection, you can find any thing you want on
    the internet
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    I misread the support article. It does not suggest out of the box that the Treo can be used a as a modem.

    I am tired

    But, depending on how it is physically wired, a third party might be able to come out with a driver to use the "internal modem" with the IR port.

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