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    I have a JVC Headunit in my car which has a USB port in the front and supports playing the iPod and displays track info on the headunit itself. Since the Pre gets recognized as an iPod in several versions of iTunes is there any program or anything that would allow the Pre to be recognized by my headunit? I'm sorry if this sounds confusing, if anyone has any questions or needs clarification let me know. Thanks
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    i have a jvc also and my usb port doesnt recognize the pre, but the $15 jvc aux input cord works perfect. looks like crap in my truck though, usb charging the phone and a headphone jack plugged into the back. i would love to drop the aux jack though also. i will say as loud as i can I DONT CARE ABOUT ITUNES and if a usb stick works playing mp3s then so should the pre. why does palm think we care about itunes? if we did why wouldnt we just buy an iphone? it annoys me

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