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    I was working through the pandora code to see how the app varies quality depending on whether its on EVDO or WIFI and noticed in /media/ there is the "card" directory that is currently empty. FYI, when you connect the pre to your computer and put it in USB mode you are seeing /media/internal/.

    Im sure that all the home brewers out there that know FAR MORE than I do and have seen this already. I'm just curious if this directory has always been there or if it is new. I'm also curious if anyone knows what the purpose of this directory is. It's highly probable that I'm full of hot air and that this has a logical reason for existing. I'm just wishing, and hoping that in addition to a HUGE screen, palm will give me expandable storage in the next pre. I want to be able to take the card out of my SLR and plug it into my phone for email, edits, etc.

    What do you guys think?

    PS. Pandora is set up to deliver "High Quality" over wifi, "Medium Quality" on EVDO when the high quality setting is selected, and "Low quality" when on EVDO without the high quality setting selected.
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    That directory has always been there.
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    webos is supposed to make its waay on to netbooks from what I have read. So this might be part of that product launch?
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    Grasping at straws. Meanwhile Droid gets named Time Magazine's gadget of the year, gets its first OTA update and gets rooted and gets Google Goggles all in the same day. Making it mighty hard for me to see why I should stick with Palm over Android.
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    sorry my post was a thread hijack as it replied to the above trolling post and I realized it only after I hit submit.

    rolanstone, sorry if you weren't trolling just sounds off topic to the op, join me in allowing the topic to remain oncourse and edit your post some perhaps.

    anyway back to the discussion
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    Pretty sure that is a Linux thing... (N810 had MMC1, 2, internal, etc as well) There is a HDD folder too, but we all know the Pre won't ever have a true hard drive...
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