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    Everyone is trying to predict what the next form factor should be. In my opinion Palm was trailblazing with the Foleo concept a few years ago. They sort or predicted the netbook trend but totally flubbed on the marketing of the device as a "smartphone companion." Since that time we have seen a further stratification of the mobile computing space with a myriad of form factors and segments including the netbook, smartbook and ebook. The form factor I would love to see Palm emulate though is the kindle ebook reader. Let me explain...

    As you may know, there has been a lot of speculation about an Apple tablet-like device on the internets. Many companies have tried target tablet-pc's with limited success with the assumption that there just isn't a market for them. However I think this has been more to do with the devices themselves and the platforms...namely windows. The devices need to slimmer, lighter, and should have capacitive touch screens like the Pre and IPHone. They also need to be simple and have excellent touch based interfaces with ability multitask. I also would like to see a kindle-like thumboard on the front of the deivce. I totally see a future convergence of the ebook segment with tablet-pc's and netbooks? With soo many people buying ebook readers, why not have the devices become more powerful and diverse? The Barnes and Noble nook already uses android as its underlying OS. Why not use webos for a paltform for a ebook type device? There are soo many applications for a device like this out there. For example the medical industry is one of them. A kindle-like device with webos, capatcitive touch screen, gestures, and powerful app suite would be a great solution in my opinion....
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    Need i say more about this topic?
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    I would like to see a device from Palm that uses the webOS that's not a phone, and uses the 3G/Wifi connectivity for productivity and communication. Tablet would be the most obvious form factor, but, essentially a thin device that has no physical keys, that's about 5" high, 8" wide, and .25" deep. Yes, there would need to be a virtual keyboard, and I would also like to see a sort of 'support' leg/ledge that could allow the device to stand on its own.

    The purpose of this device would be to surf the internet, read magazines/eBooks, watch videos, maybe even video chat/call, etc...

    Of course, it would need to be 'multi-touch', or maybe a 'proximity-touch' enabled for swiping the cards and zooming, moving around, with a high-res OLED screen
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    I've said it before, but WebOS on would be awesome!
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    Wow, that's pretty neat. Exactly what I'm talking about!! Though I would still like it to be slightly smaller, and have more storage. But it's pretty neat.

    Available for pre-order only though.
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    First watch this concept video: 10/GUI on Vimeo

    Did you watch it? Alright, so how about a Palm laptop or netbook that uses that concept in a "gesture area" underneath the keyboard that will replaces the trackpad? So here's a quick, crappy, mock up(if you could call it that) of what I have in mind.

    Huh? Huh? Pretty awesome, right? I'd buy it!
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    It's going to be a webOS version of the Treo form factor.
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    Palm's next device should be a Pre that actually meets the hardware, OS, and software expectations promised at last January's CES.

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