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    Most of the time, but not all of the time, when I close the lid on my 180 the menus on the top of the screen pop down. I make sure that I am not touching any other buttons. I imagine it is a conflict with some 3rd party software. Anyone have the same problem?
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    what applications are you in when this happens? I know that my flip often hits the spacebar when I close it. Perhaps that's bringing the menu up?
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    It happens no matter which program or screen I am on. It is not caused by the flip top hitting the keys because it happens when the cover is about 3/4 closed
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    I determined that it is caused by pressure on the hinge while closing the lid. If you press down on the hinge (just left of the Treo name) that triggers the drop down menu. Pretty annoying.
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    WACK! I'm not able to reproduce it by closing the lid, but I can get the menu to pop up with moderate pressure on the lefthand hinge!

    So many things done right, so many things overlooked...

    --edit: SON of A....

    Holding the treo in my left hand, flipping it closed with my thumb. Sure enough, menu pops up just before it shuts down. This isn't a major annoyance, though I suppose a bit concerning..

    ...maybe I'll just think of it as an "undocumented button"
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    I had a look at my Treo and managed to get it to do the same thing by really flexing the top right hinge. The menu popped down. The top left screw is probably too tight on the Treo that does it all the time. You could use an eyeglass screwdriver to loosen it a half turn and the problem should go away. I would say that there is pressure on the LCD when you move the hinge - a pretty simple mechanical problem.

    On a similar note, I asked as HS support agent why the dinky screwdriver is not in the Treo stylus. They said it was because the Treo should not be opened. If you do, you will disturb a mettalized gasket running between the main PCB boards and your Treo could get all sorts of weird errors from radio interference. They also warned me that their repair folks could tell if this had been disturbed pretty easily. I get the message but I miss that Visor screwdriver....

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