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    I was having a minor problem with my new Treo. The Blazer browser was not working properly, though all other internet applications (mail, telnet) were working fine.

    I work with computers, and have had a PDA of some type for a few years, so I figured I had covered the basics trouble shooting the problem, but to no avail. I hoped that Handspring support might have a fresh perspective on things. I checked their online Knowledge Base, but nothing seemed relevant. So yesterday afternoon I used their web form and sent in a support request.

    I deal with tech support quite often as part of my job, and having worked in tech support at one time, I had rather low expectations.

    At 7:55 this morning I received an e-mail saying the problem had been escalated and someone would be calling shortly with a possible solution. 10 minutes later they indeed called. The CSR was polite, not condescending, and best of all: spot on with their solution.

    With all the negative stories I hear, I thought it would be nice to post something positive.

    Thanks Handspring!

    (The answer to my problem? I used both the visor phone and xircom 802.11 module in my old visor. One of them had come with Blazer 2 on it's ROM, and I had moved the app from the module to the Visor so I could use it with both modules. I forgot this when I hot synced my old data to my Treo, and the Blazer in my backup tried to install on top of the version on my Treo's ROM. Oops!)
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    Boy, I second the motion! I just got off a very long call with a Handspring tech from Toronto. When I finally got my Treo running perfectly, I decided to hotsynch my Edge just in case I needed it for something. The Edge refused to hotsynch.

    After an hour of fiddling with the registry settings, uninstalling all the palm/handspring stuff and reinstalling, he concluded that my Edge was dead and they are sending me a new one!

    This guy was really sharp PLUS I am a female and he NEVER talked down to me. I wish I had his name and number in case I have problems in the future.

    Hats off to Handspring techs!
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    Ditto here, last night at almost 7PM I called up Customer Service because the casing around my Prism's power button had cracked, thus causing the power button to work about one in every eight tries. The man was very nice, very polite, and took my address, email address, phone number, and serial number. He gave me an RMA (Return Materials Authorization, I beleive. Basically a reference number corresponding to your return) and send they would send out a box to ship it in. Well, today the box arrived Airborne Express. Kudos!

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