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    My order details:

    Order date: Feb. 11
    Order time: 3:00am
    Carrier: Voicestream
    City: Dallas
    New Activation? Yes

    Apparently new Voicestream customers will be the last to get their Treo's, and the 1-3 week commitment will NOT be kept for many customers. I've been dealing with executive customer relations for a week - their answer ofĒ they are now shipping and you should have it any day now" has changed to "you should get it next week". Seeing posts about people ordering on the 20th, and receiving on the 23rd is starting to get very old. The customer service is a joke - they've shifted from giving misinformation to just making excuses. I am losing faith in Handspring. I've purchased every Visor except the Neo and some how they didn't need all the excuses then. If they didn't have them to ship, or terms worked out with Voicestream, they shouldn't have taken orders. If 1-3 weeks actually meant around 4 weeks, they should have stated that. Handspring is losing credibility. Itís hard to trust a company that basically declares the Visor and Springboard dead, and then reverses to save face. Handspring has burned me out and lost a big supporter.

    The problem is likely with Voicestream, but it was Handspring's responsibility to iron out these problems before taking orders. I think they gambled based on the need to squash interest in the Palm i705. Handspring is struggling for survival, and has opted to be less than honest as a result.
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    mcmanaman, is your order status at "preparing order"? I received my approval for service email two days ago but I just checked with VS and I am still not in their systems. According to the person I spoke with it takes 3-5 business days for them to process new activations from other manufacturers.
    It is frustrating. The email that says you've been approved for service says that your item is on it's way to the wharehouse for shipping - when that's not really the case at all. I really think the hold up is with VS - but I wish handspring could be a little more clear. 1-3 weeks is a pretty big window of time.

    Has anyone received their treos with VS activation?
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    Ordered on the 12th, highlight of the last couple of days has been the big switch to "Preparing Order".

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    Yes Sparkle, status changed to "Preparing Order" a few days ago.
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    I ordered on the 18th and received on the 26th (dropped on the porch with no signiture!) I am with Cingular. The phone IS worth the wait, hang in there.
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    the problem isn't with handspring ... it's with voicestream. when i talked to a handspring customer rep the other day they said they have the treos but for some reason v.s. isn't allowing h.s. to ship. my guess is there's such an overwhelming amount of people who want treos that v.s. was overloaded and are trying to catch-up with all the orders.
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    Now that is interesting to hear.... I want a Treo and at this
    point would choose VS over Cingular. However, they don't
    have there data plans stright and we all know that 19.95/month
    for there PDA based service is a rip particularly when the GPRS
    doesn't work with the Treo right now..... maybe that is why
    they are stalling so people have to buy iStream and and can screw around with stopping data on without istream.

    Just conjecture....

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    I just called VS and they don't have my name in their system yet - though supposedly (according to the HS e-mail) my service plan was approved on Monday. Definitely sounds like the delay is at VS.

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